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BBC missed chances to stop sexual predator Jimmy Savile, says report

An investigation report into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal cleared the BBC of wrongdoing, even after it missed chances to stop sexual predator Savile, also a BBC television presenter who died in October 2011.

Britain pledges to investigate child sex abuse conspiracy claims

Politicians allegedly sexually abused children and used their position to scuttle attempts to uncover their crimes.


Celebrity status helped Savile evade scrutiny

Three years before Jimmy Savile,one of Britain’s most popular television hosts,came under public suspicion as a prolific paedophile

BBC opens inquiry into Savile sex abuse

The British Broadcasting Corporation said on Monday that a former senior judge has begun an inquiry into the corporation’s “culture and practices”

Savile family expresses ‘deepest sympathies’ to abuse victims

Savile,a cigar-chomping former DJ who was one of the BBC’s top presenters,died last year aged 84.

Probe widens to others at BBC

The scale of the sexual abuse scandal at the British Broadcasting Corporation widened significantly on Thursday as the police reported that the number of people accusing


UK prosecutors to review ’09 decision

Britain’s director of public prosecutions said on Wednesday that he would review a decision by prosecutors in 2009 not to file charges of sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile,one of Britain’s best-known television hosts,apparently because his accusers did not wish to proceed to trial

BBC chief grilled over Savile scandal

The BBC chief says allegations about decades of sexual abuse by its longtime TV host Jimmy Savile — and the broadcaster’s failure to stop him — constitute a “very grave’’ crisis for the venerable organisation.

BBC airs unseen expose on its disgraced star

BBC host Jimmy Savile is suspected of sexually assaulting over 200 children.

‘Most prolific sex attacker ever’ Jimmy Savile’s toll of victims hits 200

Scotland Yard is now running a criminal investigation into his living accomplices.