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Keep yourself warm this winter with Jimmy Choo's heated boots and Ororo apparels

While Ororo, a heated apparel company has come up with a range of vests, coats, and sweatshirts with rechargeable batteries, Jimmy Choo is out with its stylish heated boots.

Jimmy Choo launched a limited edition Diwali collection and we can't keep calm

Jimmy Choo's classic collection, 'Celeste' has been redesigned using different fabrics and textures. While some of the clutches have been given gold and silver glittery finishes, others have embroideries all over it.


Luxury handbag maker Michael Kors to buy Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion

Jimmy Choo's strappy stilettos, which often cost more than $1,000, reached cult status with the likes of the late Princess Diana and Hollywood actor Sarah Jessica Parker favouring it. So, it' not really a surprise that at the auction, bids came from a large number of competitive international names.

So, What's New?

If, like me, you woke up to surprise and delight on New Year’s Day at a full-page newspaper advert of a Zara sale, read on. The gloomy retail climate has brought forward the January sales by at least two weeks this year. But let’s not be disappointed, let’s make the most of them instead. It […]

Global luxury cos keen on hike in single brand retail FDI cap

The government's announcement today that it is "seriously considering" relaxation of the cap on FDI in single brand retail met with an encouraging response from global luxury brands,including Salvatore Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo,which hope to increase their India investments.


Not everyone can pull of fruit-themed jewellery; but an elegant,yet fun option comes from de Grisogono’s summer collection.


Versace visits the High Street

In an age when fashion bloggers make the front row and street-style inspires the runway,it seems apt that some of the world’s top fashion labels are collaborating with high-street brands in order to make their unique aesthetics more accessible to the public.

Madonna prefers shoes over sex

Madonna prefers to buy a pair of shoes than having sex.

Going places

Whether it is Giorgio Armani or Roberto Cavalli,India has for sometime been the flavour of the season with the international community.

East is best

The spiritual havens of Indian ashrams and our deep-rooted ethos of prayer and meditation have always captivated westerners,but now India’s colourful history is inspiration for international designs as well.