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Jimmy Carter's new milestone: Longest-lived US president

Friday was the 172nd day beyond Carter's 94th birthday, exceeding by one day the lifespan of former President George HW Bush, who died November 30 at the age of 94 years, 171 days. Both men were born in 1924: Bush on June 12, Carter on October 1.

September 19, 1978, Forty Years Ago: West Asia Agreement

September 19, 1978, Forty Years Ago: US President Jimmy Carter, Egypt President Anwar Sadat and Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin have achieved success beyond expectation at the Camp David summit, the newspaper reported.


To beat Donald Trump, Democrats cannot scare off moderates: Jimmy Carter

Donald Trump's job approval rating, according to Gallup, has dipped to 40 per cent, mostly because of declining support among independents.

May 28, 1978, Forty Years Ago

A new Sri Lanka constitution being put into final shape by parliamentary committee will guarantee language rights to Sri Lanka’s 2.6 million Tamils, government sources said.

Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump: 'Keep the peace..tell the truth'

Jimmy Carter also said he is "practically hopeless'' that anything Donald Trump comes up with would give "justice to the Palestinians.''

Former US President Jimmy Carter hospitalised while building homes in Canada

As per local reports, Carter worked for 90 minutes on the project after which he fell sick and went to sit down in a chair. The accompanying Secret Service officials led the president to his motorcade, after he appeared dizzy.


Trump’s travel ban not a first, US immigration laws go as far as 1798

Following the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, President Jimmy Carter severed diplomatic relations with Iran and enacted a law to ban Iranians from entering the US in 1980. The present partially-approved travel ban initiated by President Donald Trump also includes Iran.

Former US President Jimmy Carter says latest brain scan shows no cancer

Carter said the scan showed no signs of the original cancer "spots" or any new ones.

Former US President Jimmy Carter will undergo radiation for brain cancer

He says no cancer has been found on his pancreas or any other part of his body so far.

Former US president Jimmy Carter says he has cancer, will undergo surgery

The Carter Center in Atlanta said last week that he had undergone elective surgery at Emory University Hospital to remove a small mass in his liver.