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Harvard reviewing nearly $9 million in donations from Jeffrey Epstein

Harvard University says it's reviewing donations from disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and will donate all unspent funding to victims of sexual crimes.

MIT and Jeffrey Epstein: ‘good money, bad guy’ issue

Joichi “Joi” Ito, a tech evangelist who came to head the Media Lab in 2011, has been described as a “master networker” who connected equally effectively with both idealistic students and fatcat donors.


France making progress in Epstein probe, launches appeal

The police appeal published Wednesday on Twitter provided both a phone number and an Interior Ministry email address for victims and witnesses to use.

Jeffrey Epstein’s New York hunting ground: Dance studios

Epstein’s network of recruiters in dance studios was described in the lawsuits filed last month in US District Court in Manhattan by two women who say they were sexually exploited by Epstein, and in interviews with two dancers who had dealings with him in New York.

How a ring of women allegedly recruited girls for Jeffrey Epstein

The urgency of the investigation into Epstein’s associates was underscored Tuesday when about two dozen women offered searing accounts of how he had sexually abused them before a packed courtroom in Manhattan.

Judge ends case against Jeffrey Epstein, with a nod to the accusers

Attorney General William Barr has promised the Justice Department he will pursue those who enabled Epstein to carry out the sexual assaults. Epstein was arrested July 6 when he arrived at a New Jersey airport on a private jet from Paris, where he sometimes resided.


Jeffrey Epstein’s isle, where cash bought clout

Epstein used these islands as a personal and corporate hideaway, negotiating lucrative local tax breaks even as he faced federal investigations for sexual misconduct.

Scores of accusers to speak at hearing after Jeffrey Epstein's death

Financier Jeffrey Epstein who died on 10th August had pleaded not guilty to the charges that he sex-trafficked women in the early 2000s.

The sisters who first tried to take down Jeffrey Epstein

Other women have come forward in recent years with more serious claims of rape and child abuse against Epstein, but the Farmer sisters’ reports — made 23 years ago — are the earliest known allegations about Epstein’s troubling physical contact with girls and young women.

Judge tells jail to improve conditions for Epstein cellmate

Epstein had been accused of sexually abusing girls and young women and was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.