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Amazon's Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of ‘extortion and blackmail’

Bezos’ online post details a stunning and bizarre clash between the world’s richest man and the nation’s biggest tabloid publisher. In it, all of the country’s obsessions of recent years appear to have collided, from the personal lives of billionaires and sensational tabloid headlines to Trump’s fight with the media.

How Jeff Bezos lost out to Mukesh Ambani in poll-bound India

The rules bar Amazon and Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd. from owning inventory, and require them to treat all vendors equally, throttling discounts and exclusives -- a huge advantage to homegrown companies including Ambani’s new venture.


Bezos vs. Ambani is the bout that had to happen

Ambani’s ability to influence policies in his home market shouldn’t be underestimated. Just as Reliance gets ready to push ahead, the Indian government has tweaked its e-commerce rules and made them more onerous for Amazon and Walmart-Flipkart.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, wife divorcing after 25 years

A divorce could reshape the global wealth ranking. If the couple split their fortune equally, it could leave MacKenzie, 48, with $69 billion, making her the world’s richest woman.

Virgin territory

Richard Branson could become a pioneer in the space business, and he’s done it by playing safe.

Amazon said to be near plan for HQ2 in New York, Virginia

Amazon is expected to base its HQ2 between Crystal City area of Arlington, Northern Virginia, and Long Island City, in the New York borough of Queens.


Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, others lose $33 billion as Nasdaq drops most since 2011 Inc.’s Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, lost $8.2 billion, reducing his net worth to $138 billion, while Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg dropped $3.2 billion.

From average Joe to dynamic Tony Stark: How world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, has evolved his style

From an average office gong Joe attire, Jeff Bezos has slowly and stealthily revolutionised his look and perked up his wardrobe with a selection of bomber jackets and narrowly tailored suits.

Here's why the world's richest man Jeff Bezos wore pajamas to a board meeting

It was not Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos alone. With #PJammin, scores of Amazon employees joined their boss to support the cause and and went to work wearing pajamas and in their night suit.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos says Donald Trump should be 'glad' of media scrutiny

Jeff Bezos privately owns the Washington Post, which has been among the media that have been the frequent target of broadsides from Trump.

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Here are the top four richest people in the World for July 2017

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg have topped the Forbes list of richest people in the world. Here is how much they are worth.

Everything you need to know about the new Amazon Fire

Amazon on Wednesday unveiled a 'Fire' smartphone that will be closely tied to the products and services it sells, while adding such touches as the ability to render images in 3-D.


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Why Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wore pajamas to board meeting

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos wore pajamas to a meeting. But it was no casual wear Wednesday at work. In an instagram post he said that it was to raise awareness about childhood cancer, the second leading cause of death in the US between kids aged 4 and 14.

The net worth of the richest man in modern history: News in Numbers

The net worth of Jeff Bezos, the man who founded Amazon in 1994, crossed $150 billion. Take a look in today’s #NewsInNumbers. See more: