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In his second studio album, jazz drummer Sarathy Korwar continues to colour outside of the lines of genre

Sarathy Korwar continues to form to deliver a heady mix of music that matters.

Band of Brothers

A new music group presents jazz, blues and jive in a style that’s unique to them


Itanagar: a city wakes up to jazz

In Itanagar, an annual jazz festival — the only dedicated jazz festival in the entire northeast region — is increasing appreciation for the genre and the organisers hope, in time, the city too.

Culture in Four Acts

With the Royal Opera House as its home, The Quarter in Mumbai unites music and dining at its cafe, mozzarella bar, jazz club and al fresco restaurant

Where Jazz Met Mariachi

Mexican musicians Amanda Tovalin and Alex Mercado, on leaving behind a quake-struck home and their first trip to India

Bombay Ragtime

Tracing the origins of jazz in India.


Finding Answers

Guitarist Aditya Balani on his solo album and bringing modern jazz and Hindustani classical music together.

Master of the Sax

International saxophone player Yuri Honing on his love for jazz music,Indian food and Rajasthani Sufi music.

Music on the streets

In the evenings,on the bustling streets of south Mumbai,Jann and Aiki can be heard long before they can be seen.