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Lok Sabha polls 2019: Nehru, Jinnah, Congress, Captain... SAD bashes them all in 16-page booklet

The 16-page booklet in Gurmukhi, titled “Gutka Sahib di sohun chukan wali Congress sarkaar da haal Punjab behaal”, which also reads on its cover “Shiromani Akali Dal - Bhajpa liyao” is being distributed in the party rallies being addressed by SAD president Sukhbir Badal beginning April 1.

Lessons from 1952, 1967, 1977

Indira Gandhi’s audacity, which few foresaw, split the Congress in the 1969 summer and the state of Pakistan in the 1971-72 winter. In March 1971, well before the liberation of Bangladesh, that daring had fetched Indira’s Congress 352 seats out of 545 in a mid-term poll.


Rajasthan textbooks to be reviewed, role of Gandhi, Nehru to be restored: Cong

Rajasthan Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasra said the roles of national icons such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru would be 'restored' and it would be ensured that 'their contribution is given due representation'.

At INA event, PM Modi says earlier governents ‘saw with British glasses’

In a veiled attack on the Nehru-Gandhi family, Modi said the contribution of leaders such as Bose, Patel and B R Ambedkar was downplayed, to keep “one family” above the rest.

BJP appropriating legacy of freedom fighters: Congress

The Congress said the BJP is portraying Bose as Mahatma Gandhi’s victim and Jawaharlal Nehru’s rival to get political mileage. Abhishek Singhvi said that in reality, Bose had the highest regard for the two leaders and had named two INA regiments after them.

Nehru: For and against

Never before in Indian political discourse has Jawaharlal Nehru — and his idea — been so pilloried or celebrated depending on which side of the faultline you are on. On his 128th birth anniversary, Indian Express captures the debate around the man and his legacy.


Rusting doors, cracked walls: Tale of havelis where Nehru was married

Located in Old Delhi’s Sitaram Bazaar and barely 200 metres away from each other, the two are connected by a high-profile marriage in 1916, and are a testimony of the riches of the time.

Denying Nehru his due

Were ancient Indian polities democratic, democracy thus representing India’s enduring culture? And what was Jawahar Lal Nehru’s role in institutionalising democracy?

A Taste of Freedom

A dinner menu from August 14, 1947, is revived and served afresh on India’s 70th Independence Day

Inside Track: Who is the most democratic of them all?

Does the BJP really differ from these family-run parties? The answer is both yes and no. Instead of one family, it is the Sangh Parivar which has the final say.