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North Korean missile delivers message: There’s little Japan can do

It has been three years since North Korea last tested submarine-delivered missiles, which pose a particularly serious challenge because they are harder to detect and extend the range of the North’s arsenal.

Japan PM Abe's ruling bloc set for solid upper house win, says survey

Changing the constitution to enshrine the role of Japan's military, known as the Self-Defense Forces, has been a long-held goal for Abe, who has been prime minister and leader of the LDP since 2012.


Iran nuclear deal possible as sanctions bite, says Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday a deal with Iran on its nuclear programme was possible, crediting economic sanctions for curbing activities Washington has said are behind a spate of attacks in the Middle East.

Trump opens Tokyo visit with a tweet sure to unnerve the Japanese

Japanese officials are worried about the sort of “small weapons” Trump dismissed — short-range missiles that could strike Japan and are often pointed in its direction.

Japan PM Abe's ruling bloc suffers rare losses in two by-elections

The defeats in the Sunday polls come after Japan's Olympics minister, Yoshitaka Sakurada, resigned a year before the Tokyo Games for remarks that offended people affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami.

Japan's PM Abe visits Fukushima nuke plant in revival message

Abe visited Okuma, one of two towns that house the plant, where an evacuation order was partially lifted earlier this month. The government has been carrying out decontamination efforts to lower radiation levels in the region.


Japan's govt approves record defence spending, seventh straight annual hike

Japan also remains wary of North Korean promises to abandon nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, which it has described in a defence white paper as its "most serious and pressing threat".

India, Japan sign six pacts, agree to hold '2+2' dialogue at ministerial level

The two nations also signed a $75 billion currency swap agreement, which the Finance Ministry said was aimed at improving confidence in the foreign exchange and capital markets.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe says relations with China back on 'normal track'

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's comments came amid intensifying US trade pressure on Beijing and Tokyo that has raised concerns about protectionism and its impact on the global economy.

Trump giving Japan PM Shinzo Abe a hard time on trade despite close ties

Trump has made clear he prefers a bilateral deal to cut a U.S. trade deficit with Japan that hit $5.64 billion last month. However, Abe's administration insists multilateral pacts are still the best bet.

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Trump becomes first US president to watch sumo wrestling in Japan

The origins of sumo can be traced back to the Shinto ritual in the 8th century. It was later used as martial arts training for samurais before it became entertainment during the Edo period.

Modi in Japan: Meetings with Abe, diaspora and more

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday held a series of meetings with top Japanese leaders, including Foreign Minister Taro Kono and held productive, focused discussions on bilateral, regional and global issues


Bullet train in India: PM Modi, Japan's Shinzo Abe launch historic project

On day 2 of his visit to Gujarat, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi inaugurated the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project at ceremony near the Sabarmati Railway Station.