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Japan issues emergency warning after life-threatening rains in south

Public broadcaster NHK said one man was killed when his car was washed away in Saga prefecture, where some areas were hit with more than 100 mm (4 inches) of rainfall in an hour.

Apple offers free repair of its products for flood-hit Japanese users

Apple is extending a hand to its Japanese customers that have been affected by the floods. Select users will get free-of-cost servicing for Apple's products.


In Japan's flood-ravaged Mabi, delays and lack of awareness magnified death toll

Torrential rains across western Japan this month triggered floods and landslides that killed more than 200 people and left over a dozen missing in Japan's worst weather disaster in 36 years.

Japan floods: Death toll rises to 28, Shinzo Abe takes stock of the situation

Rains from Typhoon Nanmadol ravaged southern Japan last week. The worst-hit areas were in Fukuoka and Oita on Kyushu, Japan's southernmost main island. Widespread flooding and landslides wrecked homes, roads and rice terraces. The disaster agency says about 13,000 people, mostly in Fukuoka, are still staying in shelters.

25 die in Japan floods, rescue operations underway

The death toll from torrential rains and flooding that swept through Japan's south has reached 25, the government said today, as rescue teams battled through thick mud to rescue more than 100 still stranded.

Huge floods sweep southern Japan, three feared dead

Thousands of soldiers, police and fire fighters fanned out, wading through water and plodding through mud to search for victims. The weather agency downgraded a special warning issued on Wednesday to Fukuoka and neighbouring Oita prefecture to a regular alert, but heavy rain was likely continue into Friday.


Japan floods: Helicopters pluck residents to safety as heavy rains lash Japan

As heavy rain pummeled Japan for a second straight day, the Kinugawa River broke through a flood berm sending water gushing into the eastern half of Joso

Waterfall-like rain eases in Japan,but leaves 27 dead.

More than 4,300 homes,800 roads and 20 bridges have been affected by the floods.