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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Janet Yellen


Yellen sworn in as the first female Treasury Secretary of the US

January 27, 2021 1:29 am

Former chair of the Federal Reserve, Yellen was confirmed by the Senate by 84-15 votes on Monday.

Senate confirms Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary as stimulus talks loom

January 26, 2021 10:37 am

By a vote of 84-15, the Senate confirmed Janet Yellen, making her the first woman to hold the top job at Treasury in its 232-year history.

Explained: Who is Janet Yellen, Joe Biden's pick to head the US Treasury Department?

November 26, 2020 8:13 am

If confirmed by the Senate, Janet Yellen will be the first woman in US history to head the Treasury Department and will, in turn, helm Joe Biden’s economic response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Janet Yellen under consideration by Biden team for treasury chief

November 14, 2020 11:43 am

Joe Biden is launching his transition efforts to shape the new administration, but he is still weeks away from making cabinet nominations, his transition team said Friday.

Janet Yellen to step down from Federal Reserve board

November 21, 2017 8:31 am

In a letter to President Donald Trump, Janet Yellen said she would "do my utmost" to make sure that there is a smooth transition to Jerome Powell.

Janet Yellen says Fed's extraordinary policies may be needed again

October 21, 2017 8:26 am

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Friday defended the central bank's extraordinary efforts to fight the Great Recession and said they might be needed again.

Donald Trump concludes interviews for Federal Reserve chair, could decide next week: report

October 20, 2017 8:16 am

Donald Trump met with current Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen on Thursday. That meeting "went well," according to reports.

Donald Trump to announce Fed chair decision in 'coming days': White House

October 19, 2017 8:16 am

Donald Trump has an interview scheduled on Thursday with current Fed Chair Janet Yellen, whose term expires in February.

Federal Reserve keeps key interest rates unchanged amid low inflation

July 26, 2017 11:58 pm

Normally, solid job growth drives up wages and prices. But the Fed’s preferred gauge of inflation has moved further below its 2 percent target in recent months.

Donald Trump seen replacing Yellen at Fed with NEC's Cohn: Report

July 12, 2017 7:41 am

During last year's election campaign, Donald Trump had accused Janet Yellen of accepting orders from then-President Barack Obama to keep interest rates low for political reasons, and he said he would replace her as Fed chair because she is not a Republican Party member.