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Aquaman 2 officially in the works, James Wan not yet confirmed to return

Aquaman is the most successful film in DC Extended Universe in terms of worldwide earnings. It seems natural, then, that the studio would want a sequel.

Aquaman box office collection: Jason Momoa starrer becomes highest grossing DC film

Aquaman starring Jason Momoa has collected 940.7 million dollars worldwide, becoming the highest grosser in the modern DC Extended Universe slate. Escape Room also drew some substantial crowds in its debut weekend and stands at second.


Director James Wan isn't happy with Aquaman's exclusion from VFX Oscars shortlist

James Wan has called the exclusion of his film, Aquaman from visual effects Oscars shortlist a "disgrace". The DC film starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard released in December 2018.

For James Wan, Aquaman is about wish fulfillment

James Wan says he always wanted to make an action, visual-heavy movie that gave him the chance to create a whole new world. Starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, Aquaman releases in India on December 14. 

Aquaman sequel already in the works?

Aquaman, directed by James Wan, stars Jason Momoa in the titular role. It is set after the events of Justice League. Arthur Curry (Aquaman's real identity) is caught between the conflict between the underwater world and the surface world.

James Wan wants to direct a Batman horror movie

James Wan, who is mainly known for his horror movies like The Conjuring, says his take on Batman would have been horror. Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and others, will release in India on December 14.


The Curse of La Llorona teaser trailer: James Wan has another horror franchise on his hands

The Curse of La Llorona teaser trailer: Produced by James Wan, famous for his Conjuring films, and Gary Dauberman, of IT and Annabelle series, the film looks like another successful franchise in the making.

The Nun becomes the highest grossing film in the Conjuring franchise

The Nun has become the biggest film in the Conjuring universe in terms of worldwide numbers. It has grossed over 330 million dollars, eclipsing the previous record-holder The Conjuring 2's 320.39 million dollars. 

James Wan explains The Nun's place in The Conjuring universe

The 2 minute clip has James Wan (director of both The Conjuring movies), Corin Hardy (director of The Nun), David Sandberg (director of Annabelle: Creation) and producer Peter Safran talking about The Conjuring universe under which The Nun falls.

The Nun teaser is a nightmare for claustrophobics

Demián Bichir, who plays the role of Father Burke in the film is seen falling into an open coffin in the latest The Nun teaser, screaming all the while. He gets locked in the coffin and the gravestone reads, "Here lies Father Anthony burke."