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Explained: Why Indonesia is moving its capital, and what next for Jakarta

For Jakarta, the first warning signs appeared in 2007, when one of the city's worst floods was triggered by a regular tide, with some places being buried under as much as 16 feet of water. The floods killed over 80 and displaced over 5 lakh people.

Indonesia capital to move from Jakarta to Borneo: Joko Widodo

Moving the Indonesian capital could take up to 10 years and cost about $20 billion to $30 billion, according to government officials.


Lion Air flight had a mixed safety record before Monday's crash

The carrier was founded by Indonesian-Chinese brothers Rusdi and Kusnan Kirana, who pooled money to set up a travel agency and then began their airline with one leased aircraft.

Indonesian Muslims hold protest to demand justice for flag burning

The protest comes after a video went viral in Indonesia this week showing members of the youth wing of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) burning a rival group's flag with the Tauhid, an Islamic concept asserting that there is only one God.

Several hundred stranded on Lombok volcano in Indonesia after earthquake

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the disaster mitigation agency spokesman, said on Twitter late on Sunday that out of 820 people on the slopes of the volcano when the quake struck, 246 had been successfully evacuated.

Thousands evacuated in Indonesian capital over floods

The torrential rain had also caused landslides in satellite cities around Jakarta, with eight people missing after two landslides around the city of Bogor, police said.


Indonesia: Jakarta's new governor faces backlash for racially tinged speech

"We 'pribumi' people were oppressed and defeated. Now, after independence, it is time for us to be masters in our own country," Anies Baswedan, a former education minister, said after he was sworn in Monday.

Indonesia arrests 3 suspects in Jakarta suicide bombings that killed police

The Islamic State group has claimed it was responsible for the attack on Wednesday that targeted police at a bus terminal in eastern Jakarta.

ISIS claims suicide attack on Jakarta bus station

Three policemen were killed, and five other officers and five civilians injured in the bombing at the Kampung Melayu terminal.

Indonesia explosion highlights: Two dead in suspected suicide bombing in Jakarta, say police

Jakarata explosion: Indonesia police say two explosions took place in east Jakarta near bus station.

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Indonesia plane crash search finds remains, debris at sea

More than 24 hours after the crash, rescue operations are still underway in Indonesia. Relatives and friends wept, prayed and hugged each other as they waited at Jakarta's airport and at Pangkal Pinang's airport on Bangka island off Sumatra where the flight was headed.

Jakarta attacks leave at least 17 dead

Jakarta terror attacks: Army deployed after serial blasts outside Sarinah mall, in Indonesia's capital.


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Mixed feelings about safety among Indonesians two days after attack

Jakarta, Jan 16 (ANI): Indonesians on Saturday return to their routine two days after a deadly attack in downtown Jakarta, though some were still fearful. Residents visited a memorial at the site of the attack where an Indonesian, a Canadian-Algerian national, and five of the attackers were killed. A visitor from Indonesia’s Sulawesi island said he was afraid to go to shopping malls or western food chains. Another Jakarta resident said he was not at all scared after the incident. Security remained tight in and around the area near Jakarta's oldest shopping mall, Sarinah that was rocked by gun fire and bombs.