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Surat girl drops out of school to embrace monkhood

Khushi, who scored 97 per cent marks in class VI, left school in November last year to lead a simple life. "The pleasures we enjoy here aren't permanent as this world is temporary and it will remain so. The only way to peace and salvation is to lead a simple life and that is why I want to take Diksha," she said.

Jain monk Tarun Sagar passes away at 51

Tarun Sagar was born as Pawan Kumar Jain on 1967 in Damoh, Madhya Prdaesh.


Jain monks Diksha program in Surat

Of the 45 who attained sainthood in Surat, the youngest is a 12 year old while the eldest is a 59 year old.

A town that would shun non-vegetarian food

A movement by Jain monks assures that Palitana will be declared a vegetarian town.

Gujarat govt may declare Palitana ‘veg-only’ zone

The monks thanked the officials, but expressed hope that the government would declare slaughtering and sale of other non-vegetarian food items an “anti-social activity”.