Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023

Jacinda Ardern


After Jacinda Ardern, politics will never look the same

February 02, 2023 10:20 pm

Jacinda Ardern used fashion as a form of outreach, not just as a way to support and market local industry, but as a way to connect with her constituencies on a personal level.

Jacinda Ardern resignation has people wondering when to quit – but that's the wrong way to think about burnout

January 27, 2023 4:14 pm

Instead of asking why Jacinda Ardern could not continue in her post, we should be asking what factors in her job contributed to her feeling this way.

Jacinda Adern steps down, but can ordinary women afford to let go?

January 29, 2023 9:20 am

Ironically, critics calling Ardern 'frail' in dealing with her falling popularity fail to see her strength to take on new roles and write another chapter of life.

Jacinda Ardern may need ongoing security as extent of threats revealed

January 25, 2023 2:22 pm

Jacinda Ardern is likely to require an unprecedented level of security for a former New Zealand prime minister given the extent of the abuse and threats she faced while in office.

Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s new leader, hopes to put Jacinda Ardern behind him

January 25, 2023 11:53 am

Hipkins, 44, who was sworn in as prime minister Wednesday, has nine months to persuade voters who cooled on Ardern’s leadership that he offers a fresh alternative before a general election in October.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern bids emotional farewell on last day as New Zealand PM

January 24, 2023 1:02 pm

Jacinda Ardern will resign from the New Zealand Prime Minister post on January 25, 2023, and be replaced by the new Labour party leader, Chris Hipkins.

Priyanka Chaturvedi writes: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s resignation spotlights the hard choices that women in politics often face

January 24, 2023 8:48 am

While modern nations have managed to include women as participants in politics, they continue to face a glass ceiling — there is only so much, as women, we are expected to dream, desire and envision.

Who is Chris Hipkins, the leader set to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand Prime Minister?

January 21, 2023 1:03 pm

Jacinda Ardern's ally Chris Hipkins has emerged as a unanimous choice to lead the Labour Party in the next election to choose New Zealand's Prime Minister.

Which leaders resign, like Jacinda Ardern? Often, the system decides

January 22, 2023 7:18 am

It was particularly striking to see a leader voluntarily relinquish power at a moment when the world’s strongmen — and even some elected presidents — are clinging ferociously to theirs.

Chris Hipkins set to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand prime minister

January 21, 2023 8:36 am

Hipkins is expected to be confirmed as the new leader at a meeting of Labour's 64 lawmakers, or Caucus, on Sunday.


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