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New artificial intelligence approach may boost IVF success

For the study, published in NPJ Digital Medicine, researchers used 12,000 photos of human embryos taken precisely 110 hours after fertilisation to train an AI algorithm to discriminate between poor and good embryo quality.

IVF children may be at increased cancer risk, says study

The study, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, found that the overall cancer rate per 1,000,000 children of IVF children was about 17 per cent higher than for non-IVF children.


How is an IVF pregnancy different from a natural one?

Women with IVF pregnancies have a higher incidence of caesarian section, which can be due to the associated high risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, fibroids, multiple pregnancy and sometimes preterm delivery.

IIT Madras to work on predicting pregnancy outcomes and childhood mortality

IIT Madras will collaborate with Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) on Applying Advanced Analytical Approaches for predicting pregnancy outcomes and childhood mortality.

‘Miracle baby’ photo goes viral, but what’s the truth about IVF?

As adorable as the baby’s picture looks, it is gaining attention for depicting not just the birth of a child but also the challenges associated with it.

‘First IVF child’ admits to a ‘pinch of sadness’ at no national honour for Dr Subhash Mukherjee

On the occasion of the 40th birthday of India’s first and world’s second test tube baby ‘Durga’, he told The Indian Express that he felt disheartened that the Indian government failed to honour Dr Subhash with a Padma Vibhushan.


State’s first embryo transfer lab inaguarated in Pune

The laboratory will be used to propagate indigenous breed of cattle such as Gir, Deoni, Red Kandhari, Gaoloa and Dangi, said Dr Hemant Kadam, thematic programme executive of the laboratory.

Pune: In one year, 13 calves born from a single cow via IVF technology

The J K Trust’s Cattle Breed Improvement Programme operates 2,357 Integrated Livestock Development Centres in 112 districts of 11 states. It covers almost 24,000 villages and reaches 24 lakh farmers.

France has no reason to bar lesbians from IVF, top court advises

France legalised gay marriage in 2013, after a tortured debate that aroused stronger than expected opposition in a country where the influence of the Catholic Church was thought to have been in decline.

'Three-parent' baby born to an infertile couple in Ukraine

In 'three-parent procedure', a woman's egg is first fertilised with her partner's sperm. Then its nucleus is transferred to a donor's egg that has been stripped of its own nucleus. The egg is thus almost entirely made up of genetic material from the couple -- plus a tiny amount from the female donor's DNA.