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'IVF success rate has peaked with one in four resulting in pregnancy'

The figures have reportedly been obtained from the national registries in 36 European countries. The researchers assessed 800,000 IVF and ICSI treatment cycles performed in 2016, which resulted in the birth of 165,000 babies.

How is an IVF pregnancy different from a natural one?

Women with IVF pregnancies have a higher incidence of caesarian section, which can be due to the associated high risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, fibroids, multiple pregnancy and sometimes preterm delivery.


The test tube baby: 40 years ago, and today

Fertility care, including IVF and surrogacy, is a booming market in India and could be nearing Rs 500 crore, according to some projections.

How low-cost IVF treatment in city is building hope for couples from lower-income groups

At least 250 couples, diagnosed with infertility, have successfully undergone IVF treatment in city hospital since Jan 2016

Good news for infertile couples: 100-year-old fertility treatment may reduce need for IVF

The treatment comes without any known side-effects and also costs just a fraction of one cycle of IVF.

60-year-old Austrian woman gives rare birth to twins

IVF treatment is known to become less effective with age, and there are also concerns for the resulting children's welfare.


And then there were none

‘Infertility treatment’ in a remote village of Satna district left Anju Kushwaha with 10 dead foetuses and no hope

UK may allow IVF for older women,same-sex couples

UK health system generally pays for up to three cycles of in-vitro fertilization,or IVF,for couples.