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How is a baby conceived through IVF? Watch video

It was Louise Brown who became the world's first baby to be born via IVF, in 1978. So, how does IVF exactly work? In a Ted Talk, physician-novelist and activist writer Nassim Assefi and fertility doctor Brian Levine explain the science of making a baby in a laboratory.

Snowflake babies: Embryo ‘adoption’ is a growing trend

The term “embryo adoption” is caught up in the rhetoric of debate over abortion. There is no reliable data on the number of frozen embryos in the United States, but experts estimate the total between 600,000 and 1 million.


Like Ekta Kapoor, more single women in India are becoming mothers. Here's how

Some single unmarried women today are opting for motherhood. Nearly two decades ago, Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen made news when she chose to become a single mother by adopting a girl at the age of 25, and her second 10 years later. And now, Ekta Kapoor has also welcomed a baby boy via surrogacy.

‘Miracle baby’ photo goes viral, but what’s the truth about IVF?

As adorable as the baby’s picture looks, it is gaining attention for depicting not just the birth of a child but also the challenges associated with it.

How IVF became a distant dream for the poor in Mumbai

“The entire set-up costs Rs 2 to 3 crore. A public hospital cannot afford it. Our department for reproduction and research was set up by ICMR and KEM and we did our research under their funds.”

Britain plans world's first go-ahead for '3-parent' IVF babies

Britain is planning to be the first,to offer "three-parent" fertility treatments.