Heard but rarely seen: Plan to save Assam's White Winged Wood Duck takes flight

Some get scared by its call. Some liken seeing it to winning a lottery. For years, Assam’s elusive White Winged Wood Duck has been more heard than seen. Now, a survey to count the remaining members of its flock.

19 amphibian species critically endangered: Zoological Survey of India

According to IUCN, critically endangered species are the ones that are facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.


Wild side: Mumbai has only six of these trees

Despite its rarity, Mumbai is home to six Amherstia Nobilis wall — four in the Fort University Campus and two in the zoo. A medium-sized tree with dark ashy-grey bark and dense dark green canopy, it bears crimson coloured flowers yellow at the tip and flat fruits.

In the hills of Mizoram, mystery deaths of a shy mammal

Officials could locate four carcasses in April, and going by villagers’ claims, about another dozen may have died.

Forest dept wants to expand Indian bustard sanctuary area

After discovering that critically endangered Great Indian Bustards are being spotted outside the 2.03-sq km Kutch Bustard Sanctuary near Naliya in Abdasa taluka,forest officials have asked the revenue department to bring an additional 37 sq km land under the protected area.

2-km buffer zone to check new constructions at Gir

The parallel successes of lion conservation in the Gir sanctuary and a strong tourism promotion drive there has forced the state forest department to establish a no-construction zone within a two-km radius of the protected area.


Two questioned over seizure of red sanders worth Rs 60 cr

A day after the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence seized a huge consignment of red sanders from a couple of godowns in the Capital,the agency questioned two persons who are alleged to be the masterminds behind the smuggling racket. A spice trader from Old Delhi is also under the scanner for aiding the duo.

Govt to push for world heritage status for Western Ghats

Pitching for declaring Western Ghats as the world heritage site — part of which is in Pune district — the state government will present its case before an evaluation team of the International Union for Conservation of Nature on Wednesday.

10 climate change ‘flagship’ species named at Copenhagen

A report released at the Copenhagen climate change conference by the International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed ten species likely to suffer huge losses due to global warming.