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In Italy, racist abuse is dismissed (again) as part of the game

The ugly incident involving Romelu Lukaku was not the first episode of racist behaviour in Italian soccer, but the reaction to it highlighted efforts to brush such behavior under the carpet.

Italy's 5-Star Movement wants members to vote on new coalition online

After Matteo Salvini pulled his right-wing party out of Italy's ruling coalition, the 5-Star Movement made a deal to share power with center-left Democratic Party. But 5-Star members will need to endorse the deal online.


Awkward! French couple in hot water for stealing sand

The couple in question were shocked to learn that they had, in fact, committed a crime!

Migrants exit rescue ship in Italy after 19-day standoff

More than 80 people were being evacuated from a migrant rescue ship on Tuesday, capping a drama that saw 15 passengers jump into the sea to escape deteriorating conditions aboard and spurred Spain to dispatch a naval ship

Italy: Populists declare Salvini a 'traitor' as government collapse looms

The anti-establishment, populist M5S closed ranks ahead of an upcoming no-confidence vote in parliament. They stopped short of completely cutting ties with Interior Minister Salvini's far-right League party, however.

Olympic swimmer saves man drowning in lake after racing lifeguards to him

A man appeared to be drowning. Lifeguards climbed down from their observation tower to rush into a rescue boat. But Magnini was already ahead of them.


Italy: 3 killed in apparent gas explosion

The explosion Thursday morning in the northeastern city of Gorizia near the Slovenian border completely leveled the building, leaving just outside walls standing on three sides.

Put off by Venice’s crowds? Try Treviso, the oasis next door

About a half-an-hour train ride from Venice, Treviso is the oasis next door, a place to replenish on the culture and modern manners of an Italian-speaking Italian city before rejoining the madding crowd.

Italy's League says PM Giuseppe Conte must not back down in EU budget fight

After a drawn-out tussle in December, Italy agreed to lower this year's deficit target to 2.04% of gross domestic product from an original plan of 2.4%. Borghi said this time things must be different.

Explained: What is the Italian clash with EU over fiscal policy about?

The European Commission is likely to begin disciplinary procedures against Italy on Wednesday over the country's failure to reduce public debt as required by EU law. Why is the Commission turning on Italy?

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Pathankot attack a heinous act of terrorism, deserves wider condemnation: Dipankar Banerjee

New Delhi, Jan 08 (ANI): Security expert Dipankar Banerjee on Friday said the Pathankot attack was a heinous act of terrorism, which any civilised nation that follows human rights will condemn it. The governments of UAE, Germany and Italy have condemned the terrorist attack on the Pathankot Air Force base, in which seven security personnel were killed and 20 others injured.

UAE, Germany and Italy condemn Pathankot attack

New Delhi, Jan 08 (ANI): The governments of UAE, Germany and Italy have condemned the terrorist attack on Indian Air Force base in Pathankot in which seven security personnel were martyred."Terrorism and extremism know no borders and no limits and pose a threat to innocent people everywhere around the world. In order to contain the dangerous threat that terrorism poses to our countries and peoples, international cooperation is indispensable," the Foreign Ministry of UAE said in a statement. Although, the UAE assured India of complete support in its fight against terrorism. "We utterly condemn the terrorist attacks on the Indian air force base in Pathankot and on the Indian Consulate General in Mazar-e-Sharif. The responsible parties must be identified and held accountable," Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson said in a statement. Earlier, Italy, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, Maldives, Nepal, Brazil and France also condemned the terrorist attack. Six terrorists were neutralised in the terror attack at the Pathankot air base that began in the wee hours on January 1. Seven security personnel were martyred in the terror attack. The conspiracy behind the terrorist attack in Pathankot was hatched in Markaj, Pakistan, as per high-level official sources.