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NASA astronauts successfully complete emergency spacewalk

Two NASA astronauts aboard the ISS have successfully completed an emergency spacewalk to replace a relay box which controls key hardware on orbital outpost.

Astronaut with flooded helmet felt like goldfish

36-year-old Italian astronaut said he was 'miserable but OK' as his spacewalk came to an abrupt end.


Advisory firm ISS backs Michael Dell’s offer for PC maker

Shareholder advisory firm ISS has recommended Dell Inc shareholders vote in favour a $24.4 billion buyout offer

Vladimir Putin unveils $50 bn drive for Russian space supremacy

It's going to be a great launch pad. It took a long time to choose but now work is fully underway.

Three astronauts blast off on express ride to International Space Station

The trio successfully launched from Russia's Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

SpaceX Dragon capsule set to return to Earth

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft's originally scheduled return date today was postponed.


Fernandes proposes Sports Cadre,quota in civil services

He has submitted 3-point proposal to govt,demanding formation of Indian Sports Services Cadre.

X-ray scanners,metal detectors soon at 4 stations

In a move to make the journey through trains more safe and secure,the Ministry of Railways has chosen four stations in Punjab to install integrated security system as a part of multiple screening of passengers.

ISB's upcoming Mohali campus to have 4 centres of excellence

ISB would have a total intake of 770 students in the next academic session.

Shortage of statisticians forces govt to relax rules,review course

Faced by a severe shortage of trained statisticians,the government is looking at ways to boost the number of its cadres

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UK astronaut Tim Peake films the British Isles from the ISS

British astronaut Tim Peake films a sparkling United Kingdom from space as the International Space Station (ISS) flies over the English Channel.

The ISS in numbers: 15 things it has improved on Earth

For the last 15 years, human beings have continuously inhabited the International Space Station or ISS.