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When NASA pitched in as tracker

ISRO and NASA are looking at forging further collaborations in the course of the current mission by ISRO and NASA’s Maven mission.

7 instruments fewer rather than 2 years later

Murthi recalled how interest in ISRO’s commercial launches had risen in the wake of the success of the Chandrayaan moon mission.


Mars Mission: Beyond boundaries of imagination says Narendra Modi

Modi said humanity would not have progressed, if we had not taken such leaps into the unknown.

ISRO’s Mangalyaan to encounter Siding Spring comet in October

MOM will encounter comet Siding Spring, that will come closer to the Red planet than any recorded comet has ever passed the Earth.

President,PM congratulate ISRO for successful launch of Mars mission

India embarked on its maiden Mars odyssey with the successful launch of its Mars mission.

India's Mars Mission: Who said what

ISRO on Tuesday successfully launched the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).


India's Mars mission: China for enduring peace in outer space

India on Tuesday stole the march over China by launching a mission to Mars.

Mars mission gets under way with ‘near perfect’ launch of Mangalyaan

The PSLV rocket,delivered a perfect launch by parking the Mangalyaan spacecraft precisely outside Earth.

Mars Mission on 'right track',ready for orbit raising on Thursday

The Mars Orbiter Mission is on its first round around the Earth,ISRO sources said.

ISRO performs last orbit raising manoeuvre on its Mars mission

Mars orbit mission is set to reach the orbit of the red planet by September 24,2014.