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France's Macron makes suggestions to Algeria to unblock Mali impasse

Emmanuel Macron gave no precise details. Algeria brokered a peace deal between various Mali factions in 2015 and heads the follow-up committee. The agreement has yet to be fully implemented and the security situation in the former French colony has worsened.

Romancing the jihad

Islamism’s attraction for Western, particularly American, policymakers spawned the tyrannies that now ravage West and Central Asia.


Egypt arrests Al-Jazeera TV's 4-member crew

Egypt's military-backed government has long accused Al-Jazeera of supporting the Brotherhood.

Hostages die in failed British raid in Nigeria

Italian,Briton killed; Italy blames UK for not informing about mission

Muslim Brotherhood asks Egyptian military to cede power

The military-controlled government appears overwhelmed by domestic and foreign crises,including a deadly riot last week followed by violent protests.

Egypt’s first free vote since Mubarak’s fall

Eager for their first taste of a free vote in decades,Egyptians lined up by the hundreds to vote on constitutional amendments.