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Pak forces kill 2 ISIS terrorists involved in kidnappings of American, son of ex-premier Gilani

According to a statement issued by the counter-terrorism department (CTD) of the Punjab Police, the terrorists were to hit the offices of an intelligence agency on Tuesday but they were eliminated before they could act.

Before IS arrests, officials surveyed Amroha homes

Not rocket launcher but a hydraulic jack used in trolleys, says kin of accused. After the arrests, the NIA had said Suhail taught in a madrasa in Amroha, something his relatives and several madrasas close by know nothing about.


IS terror plot busted, 10 held, woman among six detained in UP, Delhi: NIA

IS terror plot busted: Rudimentary rocket launcher, 25 kg of explosives, over 100 alarm clocks recovered, investigators said. Those arrested include engineering student, welder, shopkeeper.

IS terror plot busted: From Amity student to welders who helped make rocket launcher

IS terror plot busted: Allegedly led by an Islamic preacher, the group, investigators said, has members from various backgrounds — from a civil engineering student to a welder, an undergraduate student to an autorickshaw driver.

IS terror plot busted: In Delhi, families of accused deny links

Around 5 am on Wednesday, 15 men arrived at their home and identified themselves as NIA officers.

Five kids among 10 who left Kerala to join IS: Police

According to police, two families, including their five children, and another person from Azhikode region have been missing since November 19.


Conference on radicalisation: 'Strong religious education bulwark against radicalisation'

Adil Rasheed, a research fellow at Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses, said all Salafis were not radicals.

With little aid, Syria's war-torn Raqqa struggles to revive schools

Amnesty International has said 80 percent of the city still lies in ruins, with thousands of bodies under the rubble. With much of Raqqa destroyed by US-led air strikes, Amnesty has faulted the coalition for not doing more to help recovery.

A senior US Navy SEAL is accused of multiple bloodthirsty killings in Iraq

A lifesaving medic and a crack sniper, the officer was repeatedly decorated for valour and for coolheaded leadership during 19 years. But during his last deployment he was accused by his colleagues of multiple unprovoked murders.

What we know about the 200 mass graves that ISIS left in Iraq with 12,000 bodies

Most are in the four provinces of northern and western Iraq where the Islamic State’s caliphate acted as the government.