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The English voice of the Islamic State comes out of the shadows

Speaking fluent English with a North American accent, the man would go on to narrate countless other videos and radio broadcasts by the Islamic State, serving as the terrorist group’s faceless evangelist to Americans and other English speakers seeking to learn about its toxic ideology.

19-year-old pregnant British woman who joined ISIS in Syria wants to come home

The woman, Shamima Begum, faces an uncertain future, with no clear answers about how she would get home to east London, or about whether Britain would try to prosecute her for terrorist offenses if she did.


ISIS caliphate has been decimated: Trump

The United States military, its Coalition partners and the Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Trump said on Wednesday.

A desperate exodus from ISIS’ final village

Most of those who have made it to this spot in the desert in recent days are the families of the militants — their multiple wives and numerous children — with only a small number of locals originally from the area mixed in, Kurdish officials said. Out of food, the families say they have been reduced to boiling a weed that grows in highway medians.

US military commander warns that Islamic State group may quickly regroup

Trump has indicated that he is ready to declare victory in Syria, a war that was certain to be featured in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Down to its last two villages in Syria, ISIS still fights back

Even with the end of the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq within view, Western officials caution that this is not the end of the violent threat posed by the group.


A favorite restaurant in Syria led ISIS to Americans

The Americans liked the food so much that they dropped in frequently, often many times a week, residents said. Visiting officials were welcomed to red booths and water pipes; two US senators dined there in July.

NIA detains madrasa teacher for suspected ISIS links

Inspector Mohammad Jameel, SHO Tibba Police Station, said that a team of NIA raided the mosque in the wee hours and detained a person for suspected ISIS links.

‘IS module’: NIA raids in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, four detained

During its raids, NIA had claimed to have seized arms and explosives. Officially, NIA has maintained that the group had plans to target “vital installations and important personalities which included politicians”.

Pak forces kill 2 ISIS terrorists involved in kidnappings of American, son of ex-premier Gilani

According to a statement issued by the counter-terrorism department (CTD) of the Punjab Police, the terrorists were to hit the offices of an intelligence agency on Tuesday but they were eliminated before they could act.

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ISIS razes 2000-year-old city in Iraq

UNESCO says that destruction to a wold heritage site is a war crime.