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Diet Diary: You can’t blame family history for type 1.5 diabetes

We all know that diabetes is of two kinds – type 1 diabetes also called juvenile diabetes or IDDM (Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), which occurs in childhood, and type 2 diabetes also called adult/ maturity onset or NIDDM (non-insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus), which as the name suggests happens in adults and is associated with poor […]

Demystifying myths around MSG, the flavour enhancer

There is general consensus in the scientific community that MSG is safe for the adult population.


Lifestyle changes may help prevent half of Alzheimer’s cases

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease,where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over years.

How nature’s recipes help in combating cholesterol

Phytosterols are plant sterols or stanols similar to cholesterol.

Try home remedies to keep cough and cold at bay

It is winter,and the flu virus is spreading rapidly. It’s not surprising that the medical term for flu,comes from the Italian phrase ‘Influenza di freddo’,meaning ‘the influence of the cold’. Flu/influenza are slightly distinct from the common cold. Colds usually develop slowly,whereas the flu tends to strike hard and fast. Caused by a virus which […]

Spices,a valuable addition to a heart-healthy diet

Modern medicine too has begun studying the powers of common herbs and spices.


While shifting to gluten-free diet,exercise caution

Those diagnosed with celiac disease may eat small amounts of gluten on and off.

Plant-based diet helps fight harmful effects of angiogenesis

The jury is clearly in favour of diets rich in plant foods.

Tea can impart medicinal benefits

Long -term use of ginseng may produce hypertension,nervousness and sleeplessness.

How to watch your weight during the festival season

Most importantly,maintain a food diary and try to take some time out to exercise.