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ISIS more brutal than al-Qaeda, says Dy NSA

New Delhi has so far avoided attacking ISIS as 41 Indians are currently in its captivity in Iraq

UN Security Council denounces persecution of Iraqi Christians in Iraq

UN Security Council asked Iraqi government to tackle terrorist threats against Christians and minorities.


Iraq bolsters defences as militants move near Baghdad

The interior ministry said security forces had adopted a new security plan for the capital to protect it from the advancing militants.

US raises concern with Iraq on reports of arms deal with Iran

Carney said the joint plan of action is an interim agreement reached by the P-5 plus one that commits Iran to freeze or rollback aspects of its programme.

US plans to keep small force in Iraq past deadline

Defence Secretary Leon E Panetta is supporting a plan that would keep 3,000 to 4,000 US troops in Iraq after a deadline for their withdrawal at year’s end.

68 killed as coordinated blasts,attacks leave Iraqi cities limping

The violence touched nearly every region of the country.


US,UN welcome formation of new Iraqi government

UNSC said this decision reflects the will of the Iraqi people.

Stark challenges ahead for Iraq's new government

The outcome was a huge victory for al-Maliki,who has made more than his share of enemies as prime minister since May 2006.