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Iraq ferry accident sets off political upheaval in Mosul

There have been near-constant protests and strikes for the past four days as citizens demanded justice after the ferry accident killed, which killed at least 97 people, and nearly 70 are still missing.

Ferry packed with Iraqis celebrating holiday sinks; 94 die

Videos of the ferry disaster posted online showed people struggling against the strong current. Young men who had been lunching on the banks jumped into the water with their clothes on to try and save people.


Iran's Hassan Rouhani begins official visit to Iraq, hopes for better trade ties

The visit is a strong message to the United States and its regional allies that Iran still dominates Baghdad, a key arena for rising tension between Washington and Tehran.

Does Islamic State still pose a threat?

Islamic State's possession of land in Iraq and Syria set it apart from other like-minded groups such as al Qaeda and became central to its mission when it declared a caliphate in 2014, claiming sovereignty over all Muslim lands and peoples.

Acting Pentagon chief reassures Iraqis after anger over Trump remarks

Trump's suggestion that Iran was the target of the U.S. presence in Iraq was denounced across the political spectrum in Baghdad last week, including by Abdul Mahdi. President Barham Salih said the U.S. troops must stick to their anti-Islamic State mission.

Iraqi president says Donald Trump did not ask permission to 'watch Iran'

Speaking at a forum in Baghdad, Salih was responding to a question about Trump's comments to CBS about how he would ask troops stationed in Iraq to "watch" Iran.


Described as 'wiped out', Islamic State punches back with guerrilla tactics

To suggest that ISIS was defeated, as President Donald Trump did when he announced plans to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, is to ignore the lessons of recent history.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo meets Iraqi Speaker in Baghdad

Pompeo's visit comes against a backdrop of escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran, as Washington seeks to counter Iran's sway in the Middle East.

US can't be world's policeman, not fair when all burden on us: Trump tells troops in Iraq

He said the US could use Iraq as a regional launching pad to carry out operations against the ISIS and Syria. Trump vowed that his administration will give a "harsh response" if America faced another terrorist attack.

US discusses Iran sanctions with Iraq, Baghdad hurt by curbs on Iranian gas imports

Washington gave Iraq a 45-day waiver over imports of Iranian gas when it reimposed sanctions on Iran's oil sector on Nov. 5. Iraqi officials have said they need around two years to wean themselves off Iranian gas imports and find an alternative source.

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Mosul - Before and after Islamic State onslaught

A trove of photographs now housed at the Library of Congress, taken in the autumn of 1932, offer a glimpse of Mosul before wars, insurgency, sectarian strife _and now Islamic State militants_ravaged the city. The scenes were captured by staff from the American Colony Photo Department during a visit to Iraq at the end of the British mandate.

Militants shock the world as they seize Iraq's Mosul

Al-Qaida-inspired militants seized Iraq’s second city of Mosul, the surrounding Nineveh province and parts of Kirkuk on Tuesday (June 10).


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Beginning of the Gulf War: How Bush senior and Saddam Hussein's Iraq locked horns

On this day, US President Bush senior ordered US troops to defend Saudi against a potential Iraqi invasion by Saddam Hussein.


Iraq: first casualty for US forces in ground combat with ISIL

One member of a US special operations force has died following an overnight mission (October 21-22) to rescue hostages near Hawija, in northern Iraq.