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India condemns attack in Erbil, calls for action against terror

In response to a media query on the terrorist attack, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar said, India condemns the terrorist attack in Erbil, and extends its condolences to the families of the deceased, including a diplomat from Turkey.

Iraq says it deserves more global support in rebuilding

Iraq's prime minister says his country's sacrifices against the Islamic State group have earned it greater support from the international community in its reconstruction efforts


Rocket hits site of foreign oil firms in Iraq's Basra, two hurt

The United States evacuated hundreds of diplomatic staff from its Baghdad embassy last month, Wednesday's incident came just as Exxon staff who were also evacuated after the diplomats' departure had begun to return to Basra.

A museum struggling to help Iraqis connect with 5,000 years of art

The museum has a majestic, world-class collection of ancient art dating back 5,000 years, but it struggles to connect with an audience of younger Iraqis.

A museum struggling to help Iraqis connect with 5,000 years of art

Art historians and archaeologists know how exceptional the collection is. But despite Baghdad’s relative safety today, neither the city nor the museum has yet to become a major destination for Iraqis, much less foreign tourists.

Iraq offers to mediate in crisis between its allies Iran, US

In recent weeks, tensions between Washington and Tehran soared over America deploying an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the Persian Gulf over a still-unexplained threat it perceives from Tehran.


Shiite clerics warn Iraq could be pulled into US-Iran war

Their comments came few hours after a rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital's heavily fortified Green Zone, landing less than a mile from the US Embassy.

Iraq, fearing another US war, warns militias against provocation

In the past two weeks, the Trump administration has said, repeatedly and publicly, that Iran and Arab Shiite militias aligned with it were planning to strike US troops in the region, and that the threat had increased recently.

Iran ready for any scenario, from confrontation to diplomacy

Tensions have worsened since attacks on Saudi oil tankers and other vessels off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, as well as armed drone attacks on oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia which were claimed by Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen.

US and Iran do not want war, says Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi

The conflict between Washington and Tehran -Baghdad's main allies who are themselves enemies- is a "complex file" that Iraq is working hard to find solutions for, Abdul Mahdi said.

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Mosul - Before and after Islamic State onslaught

A trove of photographs now housed at the Library of Congress, taken in the autumn of 1932, offer a glimpse of Mosul before wars, insurgency, sectarian strife _and now Islamic State militants_ravaged the city. The scenes were captured by staff from the American Colony Photo Department during a visit to Iraq at the end of the British mandate.

Militants shock the world as they seize Iraq's Mosul

Al-Qaida-inspired militants seized Iraq’s second city of Mosul, the surrounding Nineveh province and parts of Kirkuk on Tuesday (June 10).


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Beginning of the Gulf War: How Bush senior and Saddam Hussein's Iraq locked horns

On this day, US President Bush senior ordered US troops to defend Saudi against a potential Iraqi invasion by Saddam Hussein.

Iraq: Army retakes most of Ramadi from IS

Units of the Iraqi Army toured the mostly-liberated city of Ramadi, Wednesday, showing the destruction left behind by Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants. Most of the city’s houses show evidence of the militants’ stay, including pro-IS graffiti on their walls. Several buildings and houses were marked with the word “Muslim,” if their owners supported […]


Iraq: first casualty for US forces in ground combat with ISIL

One member of a US special operations force has died following an overnight mission (October 21-22) to rescue hostages near Hawija, in northern Iraq.

Why Does The Government Want To Restrain Indian Citizens From Travelling To Iraq & Syria?

The government Wednesday said it does not want Indians to fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria since that can “directly result in sectarian conflict in India”. Submitting an affidavit in the Delhi High Court, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said it wanted to restrain Indian citizens from travelling to Iraq and […]