Iraq turmoil

Iraq turmoil News

Clashes near Ramadi kill 11 Iraq police: Officer

The militants have captured several areas west of the city since the fighting broke out Thursday afternoon.

Loan sharks, job worries now haunt those back from Iraq

A group of 25 construction workers have returned from Iraq.


4 more nurses on way back from Iraq

Several Indians had got trapped in the conflict areas in northern and central Iraq.

March of Caliphate-Baghdadi

The global community must urgently combat the spectre.

91 more Indians return from Iraq

Two officers from Punjab Bhawan have been deployed at IGI Airport to ensure free transportation facility.

Iraq parliament delays next session till mid-August, clashes continue

The new legislature held its first session since April elections last week, but failed to make any headway on selecting a new prime minister.


Back from Iraq, a nurse despairs: ailing parents and financial crunch

When the Iraqi government promised her a salary of Rs 40,000 per month, she didn’t hesitate to take up the offer.

Delhi and the diaspora

We must build an institutional framework to secure Indians abroad.

Nearly 600 Indian nationals to come back from Iraq by Monday

There were about 10,000 Indians before the start of the serious strife between govt troops and Sunni militants .

Iraq turmoil: Indian nurses in Tikrit held captive by ISIS; govt deals with 'difficult times'

Some nurses suffered minor injuries in an incident of glass breaking in Iraq but no major injury to anybody: MEA.