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US Throttles Iran Oil Flows to Buyers Who Vowed Resistance

While America initially wanted a complete halt in purchases, traders are now concerned that even a revised aim for only cuts would take out enough supply to create a market deficit, which other oil producing countries may struggle to fill.

Iran offers to ship crude oil to India for free,Mangalore Refinery,Essar Oil,Indian Oil Corp may benefit

Despite the near halt of petrodollar payments,Iran is resorting to measures such as offering deep discounts on oil and now free delivery to India.


India likely to get fresh US waiver on business with Iran

US notes that India has made 'tremendous progress' in reducing imports of Iranian oil.

‘Nod for Iran crude vessels on case by case basis’

Days after one of India’s state refineries said that it could barely land a cargo from Tehran as the permission on CIF

Iran to sell oil via European consortium

Iran has reached agreements with European refiners to sell some of its oil through a private consortium

China likely to get waiver from tough US sanctions on Iran

China is moving in the direction of India on reducing its dependence on Iranian oil: Hillary Clinton


Clinton lauds India for reducing dependence on Iranian oil

She says New Delhi has put itself on the line to get Tehran back to the negotiating table.

Iran officials meet Khullar on import of commodities

While the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton is expected to pitch for curbs on Indian imports of Iranian oil during her ongoing visit to the country,a trade delegation from Tehran is also in the capital to discuss the contours of the economic relations between the two countries

Obama says enough oil in world to crack down on Iran

US President vows to forge ahead with tough sanctions on the Islamic nation.

Iran sanctions: India not among 11 nations exempted by US

Besides India,China and South Korea are other major countries which do not figure in this list.

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Indonesia to resume buying Iranian oil

Once a big exporter, Indonesia is now using double the amount of oil it produces. And with its population also on the up, the country is making timely use of the lifting of sanctions on Iran.