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With Iran deal teetering on brink, Europeans assess next steps

The three powers, who are party to the deal alongside Russia and China, have sought to defuse the tensions, which culminated in a plan for U.S. air strikes on Iran last month that Trump called off at the last minute.

UK says seized Iranian oil tanker could be released

The tanker's interception came on the heels of already high tensions in the Persian Gulf as the Trump administration continues its campaign of maximum pressure on Iran.


Hassan Rouhani says Iran ready to talk to US if sanctions lifted

US President Donald Trump's administration says it is open to negotiations with Iran on a more far-reaching agreement on nuclear and security issues.

British leaks say Donald Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama

Published by a British tabloid, The Mail on Sunday, the cables are the second batch of leaked documents that led to Darroch’s resignation last week. The British Foreign Office has previously made it clear that the leaked documents were authentic.

US will not blacklist Iran's foreign minister, for now

Blacklisting Iran's chief negotiator would also be unusual because it could impede any US effort to use diplomacy to resolve its disagreements with Tehran over Iran's nuclear program, regional activities and missile testing.

UK: Iranian vessels tried to block British vessel in Gulf

Iran's Revolutionary Guard denied the allegations, saying if it had received orders to seize any ships it would have executed them immediately.


US and Iran to clash at UN nuclear watchdog

With the two sides apparently deadlocked, Iran says it will continue to breach limits of the deal one by one until it receives the economic windfall the deal promised. Washington meanwhile is seeking to isolate Iran to force it to negotiate.

The Iran crisis: How we got there and what’s next

The escalating tensions have rattled the region and the oil market, and last month brought the United States to the brink of a military strike on Iran before a last-minute reversal by Donald Trump.

Iran breaches key uranium enrichment limit in nuclear deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, confirmed that Iran surpassed the enrichment threshold.

Iran makes new nuclear threats that would reverse steps in pact

The two threats would reverse major achievements of the agreement, although Iran omitted important details about how far it might go to returning to the status quo before the pact, when Western experts believed it could build a bomb within months.

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India show fight before 3-0 thrashing at the hands of Iran

India defended well in the first half before they let in quick goals in the early stages of the second half.

Iran's date with Laughter Yoga

The Laughter Yoga course in Tehran helps people from various age groups and social backgrounds to have fun and take a break from stressful daily lives.


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Opinion | Why Are The CIA Files On Osama Bin Laden So Important?

Iran has accused the CIA of spreading “fake news” about the Islamic republic with newly declassified files seized in the 2011 raid in Pakistan in which Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed. The CIA on Wednesday released 470,000 additional files found in May 2011 when US Navy SEALs burst into Bin Laden’s compound in […]

Iran's conservatives rally their supporters ahead of elections Video

Iran is preparing for two crucial elections later this week. One is for a new parliament and the other for a body that will elect the next supreme leader.


Iran vows to reach pre-sanctions oil output

Iran says it wants OPEC countries to cut oil output to boost prices – but intends to increase its own production once international sanctions are lifted.