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Next Govt will weigh factors, decide on oil import: India to Iran

With the US ending sanctions exemption to India for importing Iran oil after May 1, Zarif’s trip came three weeks after President Donald Trump decided to squeeze Iran, announcing that the US will no longer grant sanctions exemption to Iran’s oil customers.

US reviews military plans against Iran, in echoes of Iraq war

The high-level review of the Pentagon’s plans was presented during a meeting about broader Iran policy. It was held days after what the Trump administration described, without evidence, as new intelligence indicating that Iran was mobilizing proxy groups in Iraq and Syria to attack US forces.


US issues new sanctions as Iran warns it will step back from nuclear deal

The escalation of threats caught the United States’ allies in Europe in the crossfire between Washington and Tehran. And while the announcement by President Hassan Rouhani of Iran did not terminate the landmark nuclear accord that was negotiated by world powers, it put it on life support.

Qatar says tightening Iran sanctions harms oil consuming nations

"The sanctions should not be extended because they have an adverse impact on countries benefiting from Iranian oil," Qatar's foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said on Wednesday.

White House will tie Iran sanctions review to response by Saudi Arabia: John Kemp

The White House is likely to agree to scale back Iran sanctions waivers if, and only if, Saudi Arabia commits to replacing the lost barrels at least one-for-one to leave the global production-consumption balance unchanged.

IRGC and FTO: Iran’s armed force, now designated a terror group by US

The IRGC is today a 125,000-strong force with ground, naval, and air wings, tasked with internal and border security, law enforcement, and protection of Iran’s missiles.


South Korean officials to press for Iran sanctions waiver in United States

The Trump administration has unilaterally reimposed sanctions on Iran's oil exports, the lifeblood of its economy, as it seeks to curb Tehran's nuclear and missile ambitions and its influence Syria and other countries in the Middle East.

Donald Trump warns Europeans against trying to evade Iran sanctions

A senior administration official that the US will fully enforce its sanctions and hold anyone accountable for undermining them. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the issue.

US discusses Iran sanctions with Iraq, Baghdad hurt by curbs on Iranian gas imports

Washington gave Iraq a 45-day waiver over imports of Iranian gas when it reimposed sanctions on Iran's oil sector on Nov. 5. Iraqi officials have said they need around two years to wean themselves off Iranian gas imports and find an alternative source.

US accuses Huawei CFO of Iran sanctions cover-up; hearing adjourned to Monday

The case against Meng Wanzhou stems from a 2013 Reuters report about the company's close ties to Hong Kong-based Skycom Tech Co Ltd, which attempted to sell US equipment to Iran despite US and European Union bans.

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Opinion | Why Are The CIA Files On Osama Bin Laden So Important?

Iran has accused the CIA of spreading “fake news” about the Islamic republic with newly declassified files seized in the 2011 raid in Pakistan in which Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed. The CIA on Wednesday released 470,000 additional files found in May 2011 when US Navy SEALs burst into Bin Laden’s compound in […]