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On a quest for the perfect iPhone 5S case

We use four iPhone 5s cases over three weeks and see how they fare.

Meme generators

Young Indians have embraced the meme culture with a vengeance and a pinch of salt


Light as Air, Just as Fast

A Smaller bezel makes iPad Air lighter but is it really thinner?

Best smartphones of 2013: iPhone 5s,Google Nexus 5 in,but no Samsung Galaxy S4

Though Android consolidated its position,the new Apple iPhone 5S got away to another flying start.

Apple,China Mobile sign deal to sell iPhones

Apple said its smartphones will be available to China Mobile customers starting January 17.

After iPhone 5s,5c and iPad Air,Apple Inc has 'big plans' for 2014,says,Timothy D. Cook

With launch of iPhone 5s,5c in 2013,Apple Inc has extended its leadership,says Timothy D. Cook.


Apple Inc,China Mobile deal set to boost iPhone sales

iPhone 5S and 5C will go on sale in Apple stores and China Mobile stores beginning Jan 17.

Express web special: Comparing the iPhone 5S and HTC One Max fingerprint scanners

Biometric authentication has been a part of countless science fiction films.

iPhone 5s: Touch to Unlock

iPhone 5s makes cutting-edge fingerprint technology easy to use.

iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C take India by storm as Samsung Galaxy S4 lags

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C pose tough challenge to market leader Samsung.