IoT News

About 50 billion IoT-connected devices by 2020: Report

As many as 50 billion devices, ranging from smartphones and TVs to watches, pipelines and trucks, will be connected by 2020, a new report said on Thursday. According to a report by global research organisation the BSA Foundation, IoT has the potential to drive huge economic gains.

Bengaluru prime destination for IoT startups in India, says study

A new study by Management Consulting firm Zinnov suggests that Bengaluru is the prime destination for IoT start-ups to set up base.


This 11 year old stuns experts by turning smart toys into weapons

An 11-year-old "cyber ninja" stunned a security experts by hacking into their bluetooth devices to manipulate a teddy bear, 'weaponised' interconnected smart toys.

‘Imaging of Things’ is imperative for ‘Internet of Things’

Unification of the two technological evolutions enriching everyday consumer experiences.

Internet of Things based DDoS attacks to rise in 2017: Report

Cybercriminals will use DDoS attacks in 2017 to extend their reach as several IoT devices with outdated codes with well known vulnerabilities still operate.