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Apple’s iOS 11 installed on 52 percent of devices, adoption rate slower than iOS 10

iOS 11 has been installed on 52 per cent of iOS devices, according to an updated post to Apple’s App Store support page for developers.

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Truecaller’s latest iOS 11 update will filter out junk SMS from iMessage

Truecaller’s latest update for iOS 11 will bring good news for Apple iPhone users. The app, which helps in identifying spam calls, will now also filter out junk text messages from iMessage as well.

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Apple iOS 11 tips, tricks for iPhone, iPad: Six ways to improve battery life

Battery life has been a niggling issue on smartphones and tablets and each iOS update brings with it a range of complaints about battery life. Here are some power-saving tricks you should try to help your iPhone or iPad last longer.

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Apple iOS 11: Control Center doesn’t really turn off WiFi, Bluetooth

Apple iOS 11 has been released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. However, iOS 11 does not let you completely switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center.

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Apple’s iOS 11 forces Uber to stop ‘Always On’ location tracking for users

Apple iOS 11 brings an important change, which is good news for Uber users. Uber users can now control the location information shared with the app.

Apple increases cellular data download limit from 100MB to 150MB

Apple has increased the cellular download limit for apps on the App Store to 150MB. This means that people will have to switch to a Wi-Fi network to download apps that are more than 150MB in size.

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Apple iOS 11 for iPhone: Six hidden tips and tricks you should know

Apple’s iOS 11 is available for download on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Here are six tips and tricks you need to learn right now. 

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Apple iOS 11 makes iPad much more productive with these 5 new features

After months of beta, iOS 11 is here – and it’s a big update for the iPad. iOS 11 brings these five new features on the iPad. Check them out. 

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Apple iOS 11 and ARKit: Check out these apps to experience Augmented Reality

With iOS 11, Apple has also turned millions of iPhones and iPads into augmented reality-enabled devices. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting AR apps in App store.

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Apple iOS 11 now out for iPhones, iPads: How to download, install, top features

Apple iOS 11 is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users. Here is how to check for update, download, install and more.

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Apple to release iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad on September 19: Full list of compatible devices

Apple has announced that iOS 11 will be available to download on September 19. Here is the list of every device that is compatible with iOS 11. 

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Apple iOS 11: Safari turns Google AMP links back to original ones when shared

Apple iOS 11 will be rolling out soon, and in the new version of the software, Safari will have a new feature which will convert Google’s AMP URLs back to the full original web URLs.

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Apple iOS 11: Early videos show prototype control center, app switcher gestures

Apple showcased iOS 11 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. Now new videos posted on Twitter by a developer showcase how users can switch between apps and open various settings on iPhone. He seems to be using Apple iPhone 7 series devices to illustrate features of iOS 11.

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iOS 11 public beta for iPad first look: Well, it’s a paradigm shift

From a completely redesigned app dock to the control center that can be fully customised, a lot has been changed. After using a beta version of iOS 11 on an iPad Air, I decided to highlight the top five standout features that will turn your iPad into a completely new device.

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Apple iOS 11 Public Beta officially released: Here’s how to install, setup

Apple iOS 11 Public Beta software is now out and ready to download for users. Apple had introduced iOS 11 earlier this month at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), and the developer build was first launched. The public beta is now available for Apple iOS 11.