Internet Governance

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A time to lead

India is in a position to shape the cyberspace debate. It must start with the Hague conference.

Trapped in the web

India’s proposals on internet governance lack the firepower to carry them through.


World and web

A global discussion on Net governance tries to bring vision of multiple stakeholders in line with democracy.

Internet realpolitik

Issues of multilateral internet governance must be kept separate from cybersecurity and espionage.

In strategic interest, and for self-respect

India must resist the unilateral US control of internet governance.

India questions US dominance over critical internet resources

There is a need for formulating globally co-ordinated,inclusive,coherent Internet policies.


Govt to get Soc Net code to up outreach,spike hoaxes

Govt is trying to come up with an acceptable balance with an online tool to communicate with public.