International Space Station

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Soyuz spacecraft fracture caused by human error: Roscosmos

According to Roscosmos’s data, pressure on the orbital outpost is holding stable after the repairs and no new leaks have been detected.

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NASA working for better cancer treatments in space

In a new video published by the US space agency as part of the AngieX Cancer Therapy study, the team led by NASA astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor were shown examining endothelial cells that come from blood vessels.

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NASA needs a contingency plan for getting crew on ISS, after capsule delays

NASA does not have a contingency plan for ensuring uninterrupted US access to the International Space Station.

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Russian Soyuz capsule with 3 astronauts blasts off for space station

The crew will spend more than five months conducting about 250 science investigations in fields such as biology, Earth science, human research, physical sciences and technology development.

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NASA: 3 International Space Station astronauts to return to Earth on June 3

A NASA astronuat, a Russian cosmonaut and a Japanese astronaut will return to Earth on June 3 following the end of their stay at the International Space Station.

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Afraid of heights in space: NASA astronaut Acaba details ISS flight

NASA astronaut Joseph Acaba recounted his ISS experience to the Associated Press, in his first interview since his return to Earth.

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NASA sends human sperm to International Space Station: Here’s why

NASA aims to check for the activity of human sperm in zero-gravity, and has sent test samples to the International Space Station.

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Spacewalking astronauts finishing months of ISS robot arm repair

Astronauts at the International Space Station are currently completing work on a robotic arm, which has been under repairs since September last year.

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NASA’s 3-D printable tools could test blood samples on ISS

Aboard the International Space Station, astronauts are checking out 3D printed tools being sent by NASA, as the space agency tries to understand human microbiology in space.

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ISS astronauts go spacewalking to give new hand to robot arm

Astronauts at the International Space Station went on a spacewalk, to install a gripper on the robotic arm at the space observatory.

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Boeing, SpaceX progressing towards first crewed missions in 2018: NASA

Boeing and SpaceX will be testing spacecraft, as both plan to schedule manned missions, NASA has said.

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Astronauts identify unknown microbes in space for first time

A new method of microbial analysis has been developed by astronauts at the International Space Station, which can show results as accurately as on Earth.

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International Space Station team to experience New Year’s eve 16 times

As astronauts from the US, Russia and Japan work atop the International Space Station, NASA has said the team will witness 16 sunrises and sunsets on New Year’s Eve, with each successive sunset appearing after 90 minutes.

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SpaceX’s Dragon capsule back at International Space Station with pre-Christmas haul

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule made another stop at the International Space Station, two years after its first visit, and supplied research material, food supplies and Christmas gifts to astronauts.

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SpaceX cargo mission to International Space Station set for launch

SpaceX is expected to deploy its re-launchable rocket technology for today’s launch, which will help NASA send supp[lies to the International Space Station.