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Asian cats, Western monkeys

Across Asia, focus is turning to multiple geopolitical quarrels. Western powers are back in play, arbitrating.

Chanakya In Our Times

India’s use of his concepts of isolationism and involvement confounds Pakistan.


China, Russia try to exploit openings of democratic society: American non-profit organisation

"What does Russia do in the United States if not use information to exploit all the hatred and divides in society? China has done that in many countries," said  Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment of Democracy.

Trump's foreign policy: An unlovely triangle

Between strategic-energy interests with Iran and a flip-flopping US president, India must find its own balance.

Reimagining the triangle

Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan could be an opportunity to transform New Delhi’s relationship with Islamabad and Beijing.

The real threat to WTO

...isn't India. It is miscast in the role of spoiler.


Won by UPA 1,lost by UPA 2

As they meet in Delhi this week,India’s ambassadors must speak truth to power on the reversal in our international fortunes.

Stop violence,engage in talks: India to Egypt

India Friday refused to comment extensively on the issue,merely asking that all sides “abjure violence” and “exercise restraint”.

Chelsea Clinton mulls politics

Chelsea Clinton,who on earlier occasions has ruled out stepping into politics,is now giving less definitive answers on her political ambitions

The Balochistan reference: Blunder,Gamble or Guilt?

In international relations,perhaps even more than in domestic politics,perceptions drive issues more than reality.