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Trump's National Security Advisor threatens International Criminal Court with sanctions

John R Bolton also announced the shutting of of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington. But he differed with his boss on how much North Korea had done to end its nuclear programme.

Rohingya lawyer urges UN to refer Myanmar to ICC for crimes

Sultana spoke at a meeting Tuesday on sexual violence in conflict and called for international pressure to end oppression of the Rohingyas.


Despite war crime charges, India to host Sudan President Omar al-Bashir

The Sudan President was declared a war criminal by the ICC for alleged genocide and war crimes during the Darfur conflict in 2003, in which lakhs were killed.

US Congressman asks Pak to hand over Lakhvi to India

Ed Royce added that “certain families in Gulf states” are funding 600 Deobandi schools in Pakistan.

War crimes court opens probe into Palestinian territories

The cases could also include alleged war crimes by Hamas, which controls Gaza.

Hamas chief backs International Criminal Court bid

There was no immediate reaction from Israel, which has opposed involving the court.


UN vote on Syria crisis faces Russia veto

Resolution is a "publicity stunt'', it will hurt efforts to find a solution to Syrian crisis, says Russia's UN ambassador.

Refer N Korea to the Int'l Criminal court: UNHRC

The UNHRC has urged global leaders to stand up against N Korea and refer it to the International Criminal Court.

No winners and losers, only survivors

Courts are ill-suited to inaugurating a new political order after a civil war.

East African trade bloc approves monetary union deal

The East African Community nations aim to harmonise monetary and fiscal policies.