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Malaysia Airlines plane diverts from Ukraine to Syria

Many airlines flying over crisis-stricken eastern Ukraine abandoned the route between Asia and Europe.

Kanpur may share international airport code with Lucknow

This causes loss of both time and money to owners of Kanpur industrial units,who have to collect their cargos from these faraway places,officials explain.


After global body,US regulator,now Japan wants to audit DGCA

Seeks ‘safety talk’; India rejects concerns,says already cleared by ICAO.

India set to be cleared of aviation 'safety concerns' tag

UN body ICAO is likely to visit next week and undertake final checks and announce.

Private Indian jets stopped from flying abroad for not complying with safety norms

All international charters by the country's elite stand grounded since Wednesday.

Delhi airport makes some noise to keep bird-hits down

Bird-hit cases at Indira Gandhi International Airport have reportedly come down over the past four years,with only nine incidents till June this year compared to 67 in 2008.


Proposed aviation authority to have financial autonomy

CAA would be given financial autonomy and the power to recruit its own cadre.

English test for air traffic controllers

AIR traffic controllers at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport have been giving English tests to prove their language proficiency and competency over the last few weeks.

BCAS asks airports to increase security

Heightened security measures are being put in place at all airports,right from the entry point.

IGI officials on tenterhooks as audit date draws near

Authorities at the Indira Gandhi International Airport are taking all steps required to ensure that it clears an audit by international aviation body International Civil Aviation Organisation,slated to be conducted next month.