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From sustainable furniture to bold decor: Popular choices for your home and office

Fabrics such as velvet that were long-termed as old-fashioned are gaining newfound popularity. People are also going for bright and striking colour tones.

Five smart design options to make optimum use of space in your home

In a smart home, every single piece of furniture has a practical use, every colour tone is from a particular palette and every nook and cranny is carefully thought of.


5 interior design rules to add vibrancy to your home this summer

From incorporating floral rugs to getting a vertical moss garden, there are lots of ways to spruce up your place.

I’m Over Open-Concept Design

The trend toward an open-concept floor plan — where few, if any, walls separate the spaces where we eat from those where we lounge — has become so commonplace it’s hard to imagine an alternative.

Top interior design trends of 2019, according to Pinterest

From quirky wallpapers to adding greenery in the living room and natural swimming pools, here are some of the top interior decor trends to expect this year.

Brighten up your interiors with pastels

Abraham Santosh, Head Designer at Elegancia and Aparajita Ghosh, Design Director at Vaya Home share some tips on how to use use pastel colours inside a house to have a subtle impact.


Make interactive spaces for kids to get creative at home

A play area for children is a vital space at home, whether it’s a room, corner or even an area that gives a sense of ownership and belonging to little ones.

Get garden torches, bird baths to beautify outdoor space

Experts share ideas to help decorate the outdoors. Garden stools, LED lights, playhouse for children, torches, sculptures and bird baths are some of the suggestions to help beautify the plain outdoors.

How to choose best lighting fixtures for your dream home

Modern day lighting isn't just meant for illuminating the house, it plays a significant role in the interior design and enhances everything in the room. It also manages to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living space.

Life is Beautiful

Indian design has inspired an exhibition and a panel discussion at the prestigious London Design Festival.