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Intelligence agencies raise concern over Rs 82k crore Essar-Rosneft deal

Strategically located at the southern tip of the Gulf of Kutch, Vadinar port consisting a marine terminal, crude, product and intermediate storage tankage of over 3 million cubic metre capacity, and rail and road gantries with 13 km of railway siding.

ISI luring ex-servicemen through bogus welfare bodies, agencies warn MoD

Intelligence agencies have also warned about growing number of serving or retired soldiers being arrested on charges of spying for ISI.


Intel agencies detect online honey traps aimed at military units

The Army as well the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force, have detailed instructions regarding the use of social media and the level of secrecy which has to be maintained.

Most madrasas don't preach jihadi ideas, intel agencies tell MHA

Senior ministry official said only four states — West Bengal, UP, Bihar and Kerala — so far have regulated madrasas.

Jimmy Carter sticks to 'snail mail' in missives to world leaders

Former President Jimmy Carter is using an old-fashioned method of communication with world leaders these days for the fear of snooping.

Indian army prepared for militant activities across LOC: Lt Gen Gurmeet Singh

Militant activities have not died down but the troops are ready to face the challenge.


Intel agencies knew of 26/11 targets but were caught off-guard: Narayanan

The NIA was set up in the aftermath of 26/11.

Yasin pens 'memoirs': path he chose,betrayal by 'close friend'

The prisoner is top Indian Mujahideen (IM) operative Yasin Bhatkal,arrested on August 29.

Terror funds: Bihar police name woman from Mangalore

According to sources,this is the first clear lead regarding the transfer of illegal funds.

‘US infiltrated into Google,Yahoo centres’

The Washington Post said in an exclusive report,adding that the NSA does not keep everything it collects,but it keeps a lot.