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Intel unveils new server chips aimed at keeping its lead

The company is introducing 90 different versions of the Xeon processor aiming to expand the type of work its most lucrative model can handle.

Project Aurora: US government, Intel aim for nation's fastest computer

Aurora will be built with artificial intelligence capabilities for projects such as developing better battery materials and helping the Veterans Administration prevent suicides.


Intel aims to push beyond phones with 5G infrastructure deals

Intel plans to sell modems to automakers for use in connected vehicles, as well as to manufacturers for use in connecting industrial equipment.

Intel says its 5G modem chips will not appear in phones until 2020

5G modem chips made by Intel will not be appearing anytime soon in mobile phones until 2020, raising the possibility its biggest customer, Apple Inc, will be more than a year behind rivals in delivering 5G smartphones.

Apple, Intel persuade US patent office to enter Qualcomm fight

Apple and Qualcomm are locked in a worldwide dispute over licensing fees for use of Qualcomm’s technology.

Qualcomm casting Intel as hypocrite backfires in FTC trial

Evans, who formerly ran Intel’s mobile phone chip unit, repeatedly turned Ryan’s questions into opportunities to restate her company’s opinion that Qualcomm unfairly used technology licensing and its leadership in smartphone components to lock out the competition.


Intel working with Facebook on AI chip coming later this year

Intel’s processors currently dominate the market for machine learning inference, which analysts at Morningstar believe will be worth $11.8 billion by 2021.

First 5G phones will come next year, make it easier to distribute new types of content: Intel

According to Intel executive Johanthan Woods, 5G will be at the intersection of many things, including AI-driven smarter devices, new forms of content and boosting revenues.

Intel's first 5G modem announced, could power 2020 Apple iPhones

Intel says the XMM 8160 5G multimode modem is optimised to provide 5G connectivity to devices like smartphones, PCs, and broadband access gateways.

Intel denies reports that 10nm Cannon Lake processors have been cancelled

Intel has denied reports that it's planning to cease the development of its 10nm "Cannon Lake" processors.

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CES 2018: The top highlights from Intel's keynote in Las Vegas

At CES 2018, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich gave a keynote address, talking about the latest innovations the company is working on. He also addressed the Meltdown, Spectre issues.

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The best of Computex 2014

The Computex in Taipei is the second largest tech show in the world and the largest in Asia. The Indian Express covered the 2014 edition.