Insurance News

Buying term insurance plan? Now choose between staggered or lump sum pay outs

While opting to buy a life insurance, understanding how a life insurance policy pay-out works is critical, to make sure that you have enough coverage to meet your loved one’s financial needs.

What you should know about filing motor insurance claims for vehicles damaged in floods

People whose vehicles were lost or completely damaged in the recent floods will have their insurance claims expedited, provided their insurance policy is valid till the date of the incident.


If you’re going abroad for studies here’s why you must buy student travel insurance

One of the most important reasons why students travelling abroad for higher studies must buy travel insurance is to cover medical expenses, given that the cost of healthcare overseas is quite expensive as compared to India.

Travelling abroad? Why it's a good idea to get travel insurance

Unfamiliar cultures, sights and sounds can make for a memorable travel experience, but it is also important to consider the risks associated.  Travel insurance can help in a range of scenarios.

Welcome measure

Lower contributions to employees’ state insurance could boost formalisation further.

Motor insurance policy expiring soon? You might have to pay a higher premium

People whose motor insurance policy is expected to expire soon - maybe this month or in June - are suggested to renew their policy at the earliest.


Buying a car? You now have to buy long-term insurance and here's what you should know about it

A Supreme Court’s order will ensure long-term cover for vehicles, thus saving owners from getting a yearly renewal, and reduce the number of non-insured vehicles plying on the road.

Kerala floods: What you should know about claiming insurance for damaged vehicles and property

Luckily the claims settlement process has been simplified and deadlines have been extended to address the crisis.

Insure not just your house, but your home

It is wise to plan ahead and insure your home if you live in a calamity-prone area. Even if you don’t, you should still buy insurance for safety.

Buying a shopkeeper’s insurance policy is the way of a smarter businessperson

This package policy combines various insurance requirements of shopkeepers and gives cover for fire, burglary, larceny, and various other perils. It covers workmen compensation, baggage insurance and can also be extended to cover terrorism.