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Dear YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, here is a (radical) fix for you

An increasing number of people on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now make posts to get attention in the form of likes and comments, rather than to simply share a slice of their lives.

Instagram admits to internal bug as brands and influencers lose millions of followers

Instagram has taken to Twitter to announce that this instance of many of its user's followers disappearing is a bug inside of their system.


Instagram removes account publishing gay Muslim comics after Indonesia warns of ban

Instagram has removed an account that published comic strips depicting the struggles of gay Muslims in Indonesia following a frenzy of moral outrage online in the world's biggest Muslim nation.

Instagram changes rules on self-harm postings after suicide

Instagram has agreed to ban graphic images of self-harm after objections were raised in Britain following the suicide of a teen.

Instagram starts showing IGTV video previews in news feed

Instagram has announced it will show previews of its IGTV videos in the user's news feed. The videos will be from creators that the user follows.

Instagram goes down briefly, impacting users in US, UK and Europe

Instagram was down for users earlier Tuesday morning, according to Indian Standard Time (IST), facing an outage in markets like US, UK, Europe


'Eggcellent': The most liked egg in the world has got a makeover and that's going viral

Russian makeup artist Sonya Miro accentuated the egg's feature with perfect contouring, big eye-lashes and glittery red lips -- and Netizens can't have enough of it.

'The wall is coming', Trump uses GOT-inspired photo on Mexico wall

Taking a cue from Game of Throne’s iconic line, ‘Winter is coming’, Trump used a Game of Thrones meme which saw his face positioned above the border barrier and used the font from the HBO-show title.

Instagram briefly switched to horizontal scroll mode, faces backlash

Instagram users first threatened to delete the app after the new update and later trolled them for backtracking after receiving backlash online.

Instagram tries new horizontal scroll interface, rolls it back after user outrage

Instagram tried out a new user interface which would require horizontally tapping to view the posts, instead of the usual scrolling down method, but users were not happy about this

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Barbie poses as clueless aid worker in Africa in this satirical photo series

Barbie takes 'slumfies' and despairs over the glaring lack of high heels in this photo-series, subtly taking potshots at white humanitarian workers suffering from white saviour complex.

His ex-wife left him with just the dog; here's what happened next!

When Rafael Mantesso's wife left him and took almost everything along with her, except for his bull terrier. Rafael had a brilliant idea to turn his life around.


Malaysian make-up artist uses hijab to transform into Disney princesses and villains

This Malaysian make-up artist has been using the hijab to transform herself into various popular characters from comic books and Disney.