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Instagram shutting down its Direct app in the coming month

Instagram Direct will be shut down in the coming month and the conversations will be automatically moved to the Direct tab within the Instagram app. The app opens to the camera a way similar to Snapchat and the app offers Snapchat-styled filters as well.

Instagram is adding Stories, IGTV, and Shopping options to Explore tab

Instagram is redesigning its Explore tab and will promote Stories in this tab as well. The Explore Tab is also getting a redesigned navigation bar up to with IGTV, Shop (for Shopping) appearing right in the beginning


Netflix Android app will let users share movies, show titles directly to Instagram Stories

Netflix has announced a new feature for its Android application which will allow the users to directly share a movie or show title to the Instagram story.

Malaysian teen jumps to death after Instagram poll, sparks call for probe

Under Malaysian law, anyone convicted of abetting the suicide of a minor could face the death penalty or up to 20 years' jail.

A parent's guide to Instagram: How to keep your teen safe online

Parent's guide to Instagram: As parents, many of us don't understand what Instagram is or what it does - admit it and get online! There's no easier way for you to understand why your teen is on the community till you get onto it, and find out its pros and cons.

To curb online bullying, Instagram has to spot it

These efforts are still unproven, and, like any Facebook-related promises, they’re best taken with a heaping handful of salt.


Instagram to get new donation stickers for Stories, Create Mode in camera

Among changes for Instagram, announced at Facebook's F8 conference, is the introduction of donation sticker, new camera design, Create Mode, as well as an option to directly shop within the app.

Former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit joins Instagram

Dikshit, who is contesting from Delhi's North-East seat, joined a growing list of politicians actively engaging on social media platforms.

Instagram tests removing number of `Likes' on photos and videos

Facebook Inc’s Instagram is considering removing the number of “likes” on posts, a move that mirrors efforts by social media companies like Twitter Inc to make their platforms healthier places for their users.

How to use Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker on iPhone, Android smartphone

The "quiz sticker" feature allows users to ask their followers multiple choice questions directly through Instagram stories. Here is how to use.

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Barbie poses as clueless aid worker in Africa in this satirical photo series

Barbie takes 'slumfies' and despairs over the glaring lack of high heels in this photo-series, subtly taking potshots at white humanitarian workers suffering from white saviour complex.

His ex-wife left him with just the dog; here's what happened next!

When Rafael Mantesso's wife left him and took almost everything along with her, except for his bull terrier. Rafael had a brilliant idea to turn his life around.


Malaysian make-up artist uses hijab to transform into Disney princesses and villains

This Malaysian make-up artist has been using the hijab to transform herself into various popular characters from comic books and Disney.