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PM Modi, most followed global leader on Instagram, crosses 30-million mark

Last month, the prime minister had crossed the 50 million follower mark on Twitter and is a regular on social media with posts and updates about his various campaigns and summits.

No more snooping around: Instagram to remove the 'Following' tab under Activity

Instagram is removing the Following tab from its app so that people can no longer see the activity of the people they follow on the platform.


Instagram on iOS, Android 10 gets Dark Mode update: Here's how to activate

Instagram has rolled out the dark mode on iOS 13 and Android 10. Here are the steps to activate this feature and use this feature.

Iran arrests Instagram celebrity on charges of blasphemy, says report

Tabar shot to fame last year with reports claiming that she had undergone around 50 plastic surgeries to look like her idol Angelina Jolie. However, in her attempts to look like her idol, Tabar has been called a “zombie".

Threads from Instagram launched, lets you actively connect with your close friends

With Threads users will get a dedicated inbox for chats with their close friends, they will also get specific notifications just for them.

Facebook introduces Threads from Instagram: A new messaging app for 'close friends'

Facebook has announced the launch of a new Threads messaging app from Instagram, which is geared towards messaging close friends. This will be a standalone messaging app.


Plea against ‘defamatory content’: Delhi HC seeks details of entity behind Instagram account

The allegations against Gupta surfaced in December 2018 after #MeToo hit India a second time.

Instagram testing dark mode for Android, no toggle present as of now

Instagram's Dark Mode black background colour doesn't save on battery like the dark greys found in Google apps.

Instant gratification and the pursuit of perfection: Why our brains love Instagram

While some Insta-influencers try to keep it real, others set impossible standards that can leave us feeling dissatisfied and inadequate. But why is it so hard for us to take a step back? A brain scan offers some answers.

Jet-car speed racer known as 'fastest woman on four wheels' dies while trying to break record

Jet-car speed racer Jessi Combs has died in a crash in Oregon's Alvord Desert while trying to break a land-speed record.

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Barbie poses as clueless aid worker in Africa in this satirical photo series

Barbie takes 'slumfies' and despairs over the glaring lack of high heels in this photo-series, subtly taking potshots at white humanitarian workers suffering from white saviour complex.

His ex-wife left him with just the dog; here's what happened next!

When Rafael Mantesso's wife left him and took almost everything along with her, except for his bull terrier. Rafael had a brilliant idea to turn his life around.


Malaysian make-up artist uses hijab to transform into Disney princesses and villains

This Malaysian make-up artist has been using the hijab to transform herself into various popular characters from comic books and Disney.