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'Influenza vaccine is essential for tackling child mortality, health of pregnant women in India'

"Since 2010, we have witnessed in India severe outbreaks of influenza. The latest was in northern India, in Delhi, Kashmir and a couple of other areas, in the beginning of the year. Almost every year over the past four years in India, we have had outbreaks of flu."

From black tea to yogurt, five foods to prevent cold and flu

From black tea to yoghurt and oranges, these food have the power to protect against influenza and people with Asthma.


Swine Flu and Dengue cases sting Jammu ahead of winter

While three people have died of Swine Flu, 300 Dengue cases have been registered in the region so far in the Jammu region

How birds become immune to influenza decoded

Water birds, in particular, mallards, are often carriers of low-pathogenic influenza A virus

Diet Diary: Fight the flu with home remedies

With winters arriving, the flu virus is spreading rapidly. It is not surprising that the medical term for flu, comes from the Italian phrase ‘influenza del freddo’ — the influence of the cold. Flu is slightly distinct from the common cold. Colds develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come suddenly and strikes hard and […]

Why, for most of India, April-May is the best time to get that influenza shot

Multi-city research led by NIV shows patterns of virus seasonality that should inform vaccination times.


Before antibiotics, try these home remedies for the flu

Caused by a virus which affects the upper respiratory tract, its symptoms include fever, headache and runny nose.

Avian flu: Slow start for culling, govt says nothing to panic

Four panchayats in paddy-growing Kuttanad region have been hit by the H5 strain of avian influenza.

Five H1N1 deaths in Kerala, surge in Gujarat and Rajasthan push fatality rate to over 20%

Officials in the Health Ministry fear this may be a year in the H1N1 cycle of greater fatalities.

Try home remedies to keep cough and cold at bay

It is winter,and the flu virus is spreading rapidly. It’s not surprising that the medical term for flu,comes from the Italian phrase ‘Influenza di freddo’,meaning ‘the influence of the cold’. Flu/influenza are slightly distinct from the common cold. Colds usually develop slowly,whereas the flu tends to strike hard and fast. Caused by a virus which […]