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The margins of Mumbai: Living in colony adjoining 17 industrial units

5,500 families live in a housing colony in the city under conditions that the high court has said could cause them to die. The Indian Express on a resettlement colony adjoining 17 factories and refineries, the many pollution reports it has failed, the people who have fled it, and those who can’t.

Industrial waste affecting groundwater, health of residents, finds NGO study

The contamination is made worse as many of these units are located near residential areas in the city.


Himachal cracks down on industrial pollution

"All industries in the area will be legally bound to send hazardous waste to hazardous waste dumping facility at Dabhota," said the board.

Environment panel to conduct random checks to curb industrial pollution

In a bid to check on industrial pollution,District Planning and Environment Committee is all set to conduct random checks on industries emptying effluents into rivers.

Industrial pollution: Govt report had raised alarm in September 2007

Even the Gujarat Pollution Control Board was hauled up

Punjab yet to draw action plan on polluting industrial clusters

The Punjab Government is yet to formulate an action plan to control pollution in the industrial clusters of Ludhiana and Mandi Gobindgarh...


High Court rejects petition demanding withdrawal of Environmental Audit scheme

In a significant judgment,the Gujarat High Court turned down a petition praying withdrawal of Environmental Audit Scheme,which is followed in the state since 1997 following a previous HC order.

Pollution body orders two units shut down

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has ordered the closure of two paper industries in Moradabad,Uttar Pradesh and Kashipur,Uttrakhand on Friday for violation of environmental norms.

Meet to urge industries to reduce carbon emission

To encourage industries in the state to reduce carbon emission to earn Certified Emission Reductions,the Confederation of Indian Industry...

Bharuch villagers protest against nod to industries creating pollution

With more industries getting nod from the state government,the villages surrounding the industrial belt in Bharuch district are crying foul over increasing commercialisation ignoring the health issues.