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Study says no traces of Steppe pastoralists, Iranian farmers in ancient Harappan genome

The study confirms that a mixed population made up the Harappan Civilization of first Indians and West Asians and Steppe pastoralists who brought Indo-Aryan languages to India were not present in the region at the time.

Pune academic led study that contradicts the theory that Iranians, South Asians shared ancestry

The researchers gathered and performed DNA analysis on 61 skeletal samples found within one kilometer of the famous Harappan site of Rakhigarhi cemetery in present-day Haryana.


Love, actually

The first double burial of a man and a woman has been found at a Harappan site. But were they man and wife?

IIT Kharagpur study: 900 years of little rain ended Indus civilisation

A team led by Professor Anil K Gupta observed a drought-like phase for a period of 900 years, which led to water scarcity and mass migration to other regions.

From the lab: How adequate rainfall helped Indus Valley Civilisation flourish

The scientists carried out AMS carbon-dating of tiny ostracod fossils to assess the ages of different layers and measured the isotopic composition of oxygen and deuterium in gypsum from these layers.

Indus civilisation did not develop around flowing river: Research

The study showed that a major Himalayan river did not flow at the same time as the development of Indus Civilisation urban settlements.


Doomed civilisations

Studies on Lonar crater show that a long dry spell may have led to the collapse of several societies, including Indus Valley.

The Great Game Folio: Sindh festival

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region, the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood .

A Date with Heritage

A unique three-year calendar by Haryana’s Department of Archaeology and Museums showcases the state’s rich architectural history

A Date with Heritage

It’s a chance to look back in time and witness a slice of history while staying in the present.