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Monday, May 16, 2022

Indra Nooyi


Indra Nooyi: ‘As we think of future of work, start with family, then work outwards’

April 02, 2022 7:27 am

Express Adda: At the recent e-Adda, Indra Nooyi, former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, spoke on the future of work, why the US is still the most open country and her memoir My Life in Full: Work, Family and Our Future

'I think husband and wife should both leave the crown in the garage': Indra Nooyi

March 22, 2022 10:48 am

In a video interaction with, Nooyi shared insights on how to enable an environment that allows progress for women

Indra Nooyi: Population of Asia, Africa booming, key challenge massive global inequity

March 20, 2022 7:36 am

She added that with the growing population, higher protein consumption and more rearing of animals could result in more epidemics and pandemics “as viruses jump from animals to human beings”, and called for public health systems to be ready.

Ex-Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi is guest at e-Adda today

March 17, 2022 6:30 pm

Nooyi will be the guest at the Express e-Adda on Thursday. The e-Adda is a series of informal interactions organised by The Indian Express Group and features those at the centre of change.

Former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has memoir out in September

March 16, 2021 9:58 am

My Life in Full: Work, Family and Our Future will be published Sept. 28, Portfolio Books announced Monday

If you are willing to do all the trade-offs in life, you can have it all: Indra Nooyi

December 22, 2019 1:45 pm

"I always have this fear that if I fail il have to go back to something that I dont want to and that fear motivates me. I drive myself to be better and better at my job every day", says Indra Nooyi. 

Former PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi inducted into Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in US

November 18, 2019 11:45 am

Former PepsiCo head Indra Nooyi and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have been inducted into the prestigious Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery for their accomplishments and positive impact on America's shared history, development and culture.

No plans to run for office but will focus on finding solution to impending care-crisis: Indra Nooyi

April 15, 2019 10:34 am

Indra Nooyi warned that there is going to be a “massive shortage” of about a million caregivers for young children and the elderly in the US in the next couple of years.

'India does have huge potential, real question is speed of growth,' says former PepsiCo chairperson Indra Nooyi

March 31, 2019 12:07 pm

Indra Nooyi, who was the guest speaker, was addressing the 'New India Lecture' series, organised by the Consulate under the aegis of Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty and in partnership with the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF).

Indra Nooyi joins Amazon Board of Directors

February 26, 2019 9:25 am

"We're thrilled to have elected two new members to our Board of Directors this month. Welcome, Roz Brewer and Indra Nooyi," Amazon said in its announcement.


PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi quits after 12 years

August 07, 2018 9:25 am

Long-serving PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi decided to step down from her position on Monday. After 24-years of service, the 62-year old will leave the company on October 3, 2018. “Growing up in India, I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to lead such an extraordinary company,” Nooyi said in a statement.

PM Narendra Modi meets with top Fortune 500 CEOs

September 25, 2015 7:22 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dined with over 50 CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies while continuing his pitch that India is open for business.


Will Ex-PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi be the World Bank's next CEO?

June 22, 2020 6:05 pm

Ex-PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is reportedly among the frontrunners for the post of World Bank CEO. US President Donald Trump is considering multiple candidates to nominate for the post and Nooyi's name is reportedly being considered.

How many Fortune 500 companies have women as CEOs: News in Numbers

June 22, 2020 6:19 pm

The more we look at gender gap, the more we find that it is everywhere. How are Fortune 500 companies doing in terms of women in leadership roles? A look at the disparity in today’s News in Numbers.