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India acquiring S-400 missile defence system from Russia 'problem' for US: PACOM commander

India inked an agreement with Russia last October to procure a batch of the S-400 missile systems at a cost of Rs 40,000 crore.

US House approves move to bolster defence ties with India

US to make India at par with other NATO allies in terms of sale of defence equipment and technology transfer.


US wants a stronger Indian military to deter, not provoke, conflict with China

If the United States could flip a switch and make the Indian military more powerful than it is today, it would have every interest in doing so

The American hug

Fundamental military alignments with US, taking place without open debate, may foreclose India’s options.

Defence: Focus on South China Sea and cooperation

The joint statement called for a peaceful resolution of maritime disputes in accordance with UNCLOS

Major issues still stuck, diplomats bargain hard on President Barack Obama return gifts

The two sides have come closer to resolving their differences on intellectual property rights.


US hoping for development in climate negotiations with India

A major UN climate change conference takes place in Paris later this year.

India, US and the bounds of goodwill

Modi and Obama are off to a fine start. But New Delhi and Washington must improve habits of interaction even where they have differences.

White House petition launched to drop charges against Devyani

Online petition said there was perceptible animus in handling the arrest.

Devyani to skip pre-trial court appearance as New Delhi shields her with UN papers

The next date of hearing in the visa fraud case in New York is scheduled for January 13.