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Indo-US N-deal could be implemented in 2016: Richard Verma

Verma also told a Washington audience that "there will be a lot of progress on the civil nuclear deal in the first half of 2016".

To commercialise nuclear deal, India, US exchanging key text

The administrative arrangements are kept confidential, since it involves details and procedures of nuclear reactors.


No 'novel or unique' provision for US in nuclear understanding: Government

Depending on the requirements of each country, the information is shared, officials said.

No proposal to amend n-liability law: MEA

‘Right to recourse’ part of contracts; nuclear accident victims cannot sue suppliers under tort law.

Indian victims cannot sue foreign suppliers for Nuke accident: Indo-US Nuke deal

At the same time it would be against the basic intent of the law to create the grounds for victims to move foreign courts.

China cautions India over Indo-US nuclear deal

China extended support for India's NSG membership bid but said "prudence and caution" needs to be exercised on the issue.


Pvt players stay away from N-pool, may join later

The govt will also pitch in Rs 750 crore, taking the total pool capacity to Rs 1,500 cr.

A Modi doctrine?

It must pursue coherent goals and outcomes that may or may not appeal to the public.

Wikileaks: Sonia failed to show 'principled leadership'; Karat an 'extortionist'

The US view of Indian politicians is wide-ranging. Much scorn is shown towards the Left.

High growth made ‘bourgeoisie’ vote Cong,nuke deal tough to explain: CPM’s wisdom in defeat

The CPM has admitted for the first time that the high economic growth achieved by the UPA Government...